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Le systeme de purification de Ostrea, precise-t-il, est base sur des techniques par radiation par rayons UV (ultra-violet) dont la mission est d'eliminer tout contaminant bacteriologique.
Geographic structure in the European flat oyster (Ostrea edulis L.) as revealed by microsatellite polymorphism.
Since its first record as Ostrea rufa (Lamarck, 1819) the rock oyster currently recognized as Striostrea prismatica has undergone several changes within the Order Ostreoida, which ranges from movements at the sub-family level as well as to generic and specific (Chiplonkar & Badve, 1979; Raith et al., 2015).
The native or European flat oyster (Ostrea edulis, L.) is a sessile, filter feeding, bivalve mollusc, once highly abundant, ranging throughout the Mediterranean and Atlantic coasts of Europe [11].
In February 2016, a specimen of Ostrea cf puelchana (in vivo) was found cemented to the carapace of a crab of the species Callinectes exasperatus (Gerstaecker, 1856).
oistre- mongere, oistre-sellere 'a seller of oysters' 1425 MED; oistre [OF uistre, oistre & L ostrea] 'an oyster (Ostrea edulis); also, the so-called pearl oyster (Meleagrina margaritifera); also, a similar kind of shellfish, a mussel' 1290 MED); Oystermonger 1321 (oistre-mongere 'a seller of oysters' MED, cf.
The oyster was collected by Veatch and Stephenson in 1911 as Ostrea gigantissima and later renamed Crassostrea gigantissima as explained above.
The Ostrea lurida, fondly nicknamed "Oly," is the only oyster indigenous to the chilly waters of America's west coast.
glomerata Ostrea nomades and Saccostrea cucullata were collected from three sites: Buleji of Sindh coast; Hub and Jiwani of Balochistan coast Pakistan.
gigas and Ostrea edulis (Linnaeus, 1758) become mature earlier than the females.
to Haplosporidium nelson in eastern oysters, Crassostrea virginica (Haskin and Ford, 1979; Allen Jr., 1998), resistance to Bonamia in European fat oysters, Ostrea edulis (Naciri-Graven et al., 1998) and resistance to Marteilia sydneyi in Sydneyrock oyster, Saccostrea glomerata (Nell and Perkins, 2006) have been successfully introduced.