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Crustaceans: Fresh water Ostracoda. Academy of Sciences of USSR.
TEREBELLIDAE Pista pacifica Thelepus cincinnatus Thelepus crispus TROCHOCHAETIDAE Trochochaeta multisetosa ARTHROPODA, PY CNOGONIDA PHOXICHILIDIIDAE Phoxichilidium femoratum AMMOTHEIDAE Achelia alaskensis ARTHROPODA, OSTRACODA PHILOMEDIDAE Euphilomedes sp.
CHIR: Chiromidae; DIXI: Dixidae; oCERA: other Ceratopogonidae; CULI: Culicoides; LEPT: Leptoconops; MARU: Maruina; TIPU: Tipulidae; SIMU: Simulidae; PSYC: Psychodidae; dLARV: Elmidae Larva d; NEOE: Neoelmis; DYTI: Dytiscidae; PERL: Perlidae; niEPHE: non identified Ephemeroptera; BAET: Baetidae; LEPT: Leptophlebiidae; OECE: Oecetis; NECT: Nectopsiche; HELI: Helicopsiche; GRUM: Grumicha; MARI: Marlia; CYRN: Cyrnellus; HYDR: Hydroptilidae; COLL: Collembola; CYCL: Cyclopoida; PARA: Parastenocarididae; Ahar: Harpacticoida morphotype "a"; OSTR: Ostracoda; CHYD: Chidoridae; BATH: Bathynellacea; HYIA: Hydrachnidia; NEMA: Nematoda; ANN: Annelida.
Isto se deve, provavelmente, pela presenca conspicua de macrofitas aquaticas nas lagoas, que incrementa a contribuicao de Cladocera e Ostracoda (LANSAC-TOHA et al., 2003), para contribuir decididamente a densidade total de organismos e a riqueza destes ambientes.
En segundo lugar por aquellos taxa que mostraron menores densidades y presencia limitada en todos los sitios de estudio, como los taxa Limnephilidae y en menor grado Copepoda y Ostracoda caracteristicos del sitio 1, los demas taxa de este segundo conglomerado tuvieron una presencia eventual en los sitio 2 y 3.
Occasionally there appear levels rich in lamelibranchs, foraminifera, remnants of fishes, ostracoda and conodonta, but no biostratigraphic determination was possible.
Other crustacean items included Tanaidacea (Malacostraca), Ciprinidae (Ostracoda), Hemigrapsus crenulatus (Decapoda), and Idotheinae (Isopoda, Valvifera) which as a group represented less than 1% of the total individuals counted.
<0.1 <0.1 Unidentified Euphausiacea 0.5 0.5 Ostracoda <0.1 <0.1 Unidentified fish <0.1 0.8 Unidentified gelatinous prey <0.1 <0.1 Unidentified crustacea 0.1 <0.1 Unidentified material 0.6 0.1 %IRI (<60 mm ML, [greater than Frequency of or equal] to Taxon occurrence (%) 60 mm ML) Copepoda 74.2 86.5 (80.9, 84.8) Candacia columbiae 1.9 Candacia sp.
Miscellaneous aquatic invertebrates (Ostracoda and Trichoptera), aquatic and terrestrial Coleoptera, and Corixidae occurred infrequently in the diet and collectively represented 0 to 17% (mean = 2%) of the diet.
incongruens, and Cypridopsis aculeata (Crustacea, Ostracoda) from Baltic brackish water rockpools.
eques schools dwelling the water column next to the substrate, thrusting against roots of macrophytes or the substrate to catch small prey items, and feeding mainly on dipteran larvae, Copepoda, Cladocera and Ostracoda. Additionally, they recorded nematode parasites in six stomachs however they do not make clear what nematode parasite species was found, which does not corroborate this study because we only found unidentified free living nematodes in the stomach.
The least common organisms were Plecoptera, Gastropoda, Ostracoda, Oligochaeta, and Nematomorpha.