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Synonyms for Osteoglossidae

a family of large fishes that live in freshwater

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There was a decline in occurrence and relative abundance of Heterotis niloticus (Osteoglossidae), Lates niloticus (Centropomidae), Auchenoglanis occidentalis (Claroteidae), Bagrus spp.
Teugels 2003 The Different Colour Varieties of the Asian Arowana Scleropages formosus (Osteoglossidae) are Distinct Species: Morphological and Genetic Evidences.
Rapid isolation of DNA from the mucus of Asian arowana (Scleropages formosus, Osteoglossidae).
A member of the Osteoglossidae family, the clown knifefish is one of the most unique freshwater fish species.
Representatives of each of the four osteoglossiform extant families sensu Hilton (2003) are included in the cladistic analysis: Hiodon (Hiodontidae), Pantodon (Osteoglossidae), Xenomystus (Notopteridae) and Mormyrus (Mormyridae).
Adebisi documented families like Cichlidae, Channidae, Gymnarchidae, Latidae, Hepsetidae, Clariidae, Osteoglossidae, e.t.c., as fauna resources of the lake [2].
Haematological profile, food composition and digestive enzyme assay in the gut of the African bony tongue, Heterotis (Clupisudis) niloticus (Cuvier 1829) (Osteoglossidae).
DNA fingerprinting: application to conservation of the CITES-listed dragon fish, Scleropages formosus (Osteoglossidae).
On the cranial osteology of the fishes of the families Osteoglossidae, Pantodontidae, Phractolaemidae.
NNEX 1 SYSTEMATIC LIST OF FISH SPECIES: DANAU SENTARUM NATIONAL PARK AND NEAR-CATCHMENT SURROUNDS ORDER/ Local FAMILY/ Name Species (j) (Language) (ii) RAJI- FORMES DASYATIDAE Himantura signifer Pari OSTEO- GLOSSI- FORMES- OSTEOGLOSSIDAE Scleropages formosus (Arowana) Siluk, Kayangan NOTO- PTERIDAE Chitala lopis Belida, Belida tabuan Notopterus notopterus Belida labuan, Kapirat Notopterus borneensis Belida Kalimantan CLUPEI- FORMES CLUPEIDAE Clupeich-thys bleekeri Bilis Corica soborna ENGRAU- LIDIDAE Lycothrissa crocodilus Silauari Setipina cf.
Haematological profile, food composition and digestive enzyme assay in the gut of the African bonytongue fish, Heterotis (Clupisudis) niloticus (Curvie 1989) (Osteoglossidae).
The families Mochokidae, Cyprinidae and Clariidae were each represented by two species, while Osteoglossidae, Characidae, Schilbeidae and Channidae had one species each.