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inflammation of a bone as a consequence of infection or trauma or degeneration

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Reuler, "Septic arthritis and osteomyelitis of the symphysis pubis (osteitis pubis) from intravenous drug use," Western Journal of Medicine, vol.
Her pelvic computed tomography and plain radiograph revealed osteitis pubis (Figure 1a).
Osteitis pubis is a stress injury to the pubic symphysis and parasymphyseal bone.
Osteitis pubis is inflammation of the joint between the two halves of the pelvis that join in the front (pubic symphysis).
Palpate the superior iliac spine (and over the inferior iliac spine in thin patients) to determine if the sartorius or rectus femoris has been injured, The area just lateral to the symphysis will be tender to palpation in patients with osteitis pubis.
(2) It is often confused with diastasis pubis (a separated symphysis pubis of more than 10 mm, or symphysiolysis), pelvic rupture (rupture of the symphysis pubis and sacroiliac joints simultaneously, which is extremely rare), and even osteitis pubis (partial or complete rupture of the symphysis pubis and requires aggressive treatment).
Injury patterns involving the pubic symphysis include acute osteitis pubis (seen as diffuse bone marrow edema around the joint, Fig.
David Village describes the rehab of a patient with osteitis pubis who could not get relief from surgery and medical treatments alone.
He was diagnosed with osteitis pubis, an inflammation of the pubic bone requiring lengthy rest and specific strengthening of the supporting muscles.
Osteitis Pubis, cevre kas ve fasia dokusu ile birlikte pubi-si etkileyen aseptik, inflamatuvar, agrili bir hastaliktir.
Kovac, who developed the PBS sling procedure more than 20 years ago, said that more than 350,000 have been performed worldwide, and that in all that time he hasn't seen a single case of osteomyelitis or osteitis pubis in any of his patients who underwent the procedure.
Holland's participation as a redshirt with the Ducks will be delayed two to four weeks as he recovers from osteitis pubis, an inflammation of the pelvic joint.
This trial aimed to assess the value of MRI in the differential diagnosis of chronic groin pain in athletes, a condition caused by various pathologies, the most common being posterior abdominal wall deficiency, osteitis pubis and muscular imbalance.
Among those cases with MRI abnormalities, there were 19 patients with osteitis pubis, 9 with stress fractures (8 with fractures of the inferior pubic ramus), 5 with adductor muscle tears, 6 with hamstring muscle tears, 10 with inflammation of the small rotator muscles of the hip, and 4 with iliopsoas tendonitis.
"Dafydd has a pelvic condition known as osteitis pubis, which is currently preventing him from running," said Wales team physiotherapist Mark Davies.