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the capital and largest city of Norway

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Cancelling the Oslo Accords would effectively remove the legal justification for the PA.
Officially opened in April 2008, the Oslo Opera House was designed by the acclaimed Norwegian architectural firm Snohetta .
Bulgaria condemns today's terrorist attack in Oslo, in which innocent people have been hurt," Mladenov declared.
Look, Oslo does push the purse strings and isn't perhaps first on people's minds when it comes to a city break.
With its addition, Oslo becomes the first airport outside the US to introduce the technology.
Networking opportunities abound with the social program, which includes a Cocktail Reception for Symposium participants Sunday evening, May 25th, a Welcome Reception in the Oslo City Hall, the world-famous building where the renowned Nobel prize is presented, Monday evening the 26th; and the Exhibitors' Evening Party under the motto "Tastes and tales from the North.
A five-person-team from the BPCA will leave for Oslo on Sept.
Under the subsequent government, the Oslo process became mired in bickering and outbreaks of violence until 1999, when Israelis elected Ehud Barak, a close associate of Rabin, as Prime Minister.
This article examines the extent to which the respective success and failure of the Oslo and Washington negotiations can be attributed to the mediating powers involved - though the notion of the success of the Oslo channel is queried.
Israel's political leaders--never known for their reasoned tones--failed to halt the escalation of vitriolic rhetoric and physical violence by the most radical foes of Rabin's Oslo policy.
And there are a lot of Palestinian intellectuals who despaired of Arafat at the time of the Oslo agreement.
OSLO, Norway -- IKEA's CEO, Anders Dahlvig received The Oslo Business for Peace Award 2009 - presented and given for the first time in Oslo City Hall on May 14(th).
Announcement of competition: Student Life in Oslo and Akershus (SiO) delivers welfare services to about 66,000 students at 26 institutions in the region.
Oslo Maritime Week is this month's focus for Oslo Knowledge Update, the new monthly showcase for life and business in Norway's capital.
OSLO, September 30 /PRNewswire/ -- Norway's capital was the clear winner in a new survey of knowledge-based economies in Europe performed by Eurostat, the EU statistics agency.