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generator that produces sonic oscillations or alternating current

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According to a paper presented in 2008 by the Southwest Center of Microsystems Education at the University of New Mexico, "The core technologies used in MEMS oscillators have been in development since the mid-1960s but have only been sufficiently advanced for commercial applications since 2006.
In this paper, the phase noise of differential ring oscillators is improved using a new design, making the VCO competent with LC designs.
Tokyo [Japan], Feb 22 ( ANI ): Kyocera Corporation on Thursday today introduced a new series of clock oscillators specially designed to support multi-size and frequencies for quick-turnaround delivery requirements, qualified by Automotive Electronics Council's (AEC) reliability standards.
Unlike the exiting solutions, which use the BST capacitor in LC oscillators, this article addresses the usage of a BST capacitor in a quartz crystal oscillator, along with a low power crystal driver, enabling the usage in applications requiring an enhanced frequency stability under variating temperature conditions.
'Our new, comprehensive line of phase-locked oscillators provides designers with a variety of popularly fixed output frequencies that are stable and accurate.
To validate the theoretical analysis result above, we may compare it effectively against experimental parameters provided in the literature [26] and establish a periodic structure vibration system of five periods with shell mass M = 0.1011kg, internal oscillator mass m = 0.04647 kg, internal nonlinear spring linear rigidity k = 37N/m, external linear spring damping coefficient c = 0.05 NS/m, and rigidity coefficient of spring linking the external oscillators K = 117 N/m.
The electronic oscillators, fabricated from vanadium dioxide, were found to have a natural ability that could be harnessed for graph coloring problems.
To be specific we consider an array of FitzHugh-Nagumo (FHN) oscillators [27], also known in literature as Bonhoeffer-van der Pol (BVP) oscillators [28, 29].
where x(n) and y(n) are Nr x 1 and [N.sub.R] x 1 vectors consisting of the transmit and receive signals from all the antennas, respectively, [phi](n) and [beta](n) denote the phase noises of the common oscillators at the transmitter and at the receiver, respectively, [C.sub.l] is an [N.sub.R] x [N.sub.T] MIMO channel impulse response (CIR) matrix of the lth tap, and [??](n) is an [N.sub.R] x 1 vector consisting of the AWGNs.
CITATION: Arft, C., Lu, Y., and Parvereshi, J., "MEMS Oscillators with Improved Resilience for Harsh Automotive Environments," SAE Int.
In physics, chaos is encountered in the nonlinear dynamics of some oscillators, and in astrophysics.
M2 EQUITYBITES-January 30, 2014-IDT's MEMS Oscillators selected by Samsung for use in Ultra-HD TV
[10], respectively, applied a higher order Hamiltonian formulation combined with parameters for nonlinear oscillators. Our concern in this work is the derivation of amplitude-frequency relationship for the nonlinear oscillator equations [??] + u + [[alpha].sub.3][u.sup.3] + [[alpha].sub.5][u.sup.5] + [[alpha].sub.7][u.sup.7] + ...
As a result, current-mode active components have been increasingly used to realize active filters and sinusoidal oscillators. Single-element-controlled sinusoidal oscillators find numerous applications in communication, control systems, signal processing, instrumentation, and measurement systems as test oscillators or signal generators [7-11].
We assume that there are N neural oscillators in a neural network (N = [N.sub.1] + [N.sub.2]), in which [N.sub.1] excitatory neural oscillators are considered as a population and [N.sub.2] inhibitory neural oscillator is another population: