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an Oscan-speaking member of an ancient people of Campania

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an extinct Italic language of ancient southern Italy

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is to derive it from a similar formation in Oscan (Pisani, Il sostrato, 159-160 and Le lingue, 65; Buck).
Pompeii was probably founded in the 6th century BC as an Oscan settlement.
38) This unique example of Latin endo used as postposition is matched by other Italic languages where a similar syntactic construction with *en underlies the creation of an innovative locative form (Umbrian ocrem 'on the mount' TI 6a, 46; South Picene mefun 'in medial' MC 1; and Oscan hurtin 'in the garden' SA 1, A2).
When I came here there was three metres of water," one flood victim, Oscan Ozyurt, said after returning home to Kumbag where the rains had swamped homes and shops.
Ilhan Oscan, 32, Heaton: Alan Shearer when he puts his arm in the air.
Under-11As had a convincing 13-2 victory over Stockton WE, goals came thick and fast from Gallagher (3) Metcalfe (3) Camara (2) J Breeze (2), Dundon, Oscan and A Breeze.
In the case of Pompeii, for example, Aldrete stresses the importance of preservation, rather than discussing Oscan, Roman, and Hellenistic influences, or reassessing the postulated model character of Rome.
The Sabelli (in practice used interchangeably with Sabini) figure in the Roman Odes too (see below); as Quinn 257 notes, "Sabelli is the Roman name for speakers of Oscan, including among others the Marsi and the Apuli.
testis" akin to Oscan trstus witnesses; both fr[om] a prehistoric
Rather, following the organization of both catalogue and exhibition they present a polysemous approach to the origins of the paintings in cross-currents of the existing cultures in Campania, Samnite and Oscan, the later Roman overlay, and the importation of belief and practice from the eastern Mediterranean.
The small town in Campania, once an Oscan settlement dating back to the fifth century B.
But three souls--three language-cultures--lived in the breasts of all the initiators of Roman literary discourse, all the translator-stylizers who had come to Rome from lower Italy, where the boundaries of three languages and cultures intersected with one another--Greek, Oscan and Roman [.
There is epigraphic evidence for the survival into Cicero's lifetime of Etruscan in the rural parts of Etruria and of Oscan in Campania; Greek was still spoken in some of the cities of old Magna Graecia and in Neapolis, and Celtic probably still survived in parts of Cisalpine Gaul.
Ennius was at home in three languages: Oscan, his native tongue; Greek, in which he was educated; and Latin, the language of the army with which he served in the Second Punic War.
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