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an Oscan-speaking member of an ancient people of Campania

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an extinct Italic language of ancient southern Italy

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Rather, following the organization of both catalogue and exhibition they present a polysemous approach to the origins of the paintings in cross-currents of the existing cultures in Campania, Samnite and Oscan, the later Roman overlay, and the importation of belief and practice from the eastern Mediterranean.
The small town in Campania, once an Oscan settlement dating back to the fifth century B.
As Rome came to dominate Italy, it did not follow a policy of forcible linguistic assimilation, and native tongues such as Oscan and Umbrian are attested by inscriptions dating to several centuries after Roman annexation.
The winning projects include Wireless Bug Sensor, a wireless sensor that helps farmers "spy" on insects; OScan, an inexpensive and easy-to-use tool for screening oral cancer; and InSight, a simple credit building tool for entrepreneurs in developing countries.
Godolphin are represented by once-raced Leicester maiden winner Oscan, while Nayef's trainer Marcus Tregoning bids for a fifth success in the race with Chepstow winner Cavaleiro, a son of his Derby winner Sir Percy.
Already available are two operating systems: the OSEK-conformant osCAN and the AUTOSAR-conformant MICROSAR OS.
The change of *s to *z affected not only Latin and Umbrian but also Oscan.
The word is related to Italic *puclo- 'son, boy', preserved in inscriptions, Oscan puklum (3rdCBC) '= filium, puerum' (Buck 243-46), and Pelignian puclois (c.
The Vector Informatik osCAN operating system is available from Vector Informatik GmbH at www.
Same time next year for Oscan Godolphin are set to have a trio of chances for the Ladbrokes St Leger on Saturday, but may have already unearthed a candidate for the Classic next year as Oscan made a winning debut in the 7f maiden.