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a member of the Siouan people formerly living in Missouri in the valleys of the Missouri and Osage rivers

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a river in Missouri that is a tributary of the Missouri River

the Dhegiha dialect spoken by the Osage

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The Farm-In Agreement and joint development of the Major County STACK assets will allow Jericho to (i) strategically grow its STACK acreage position by approximately 30% at a discount to recent STACK transactions; (ii) participate in the drilling of multiple horizontal wells targeting the prolific Osage formation; (iii) continue to aggregate critical drilling, completion and lateral placement data; and (iv) cost effectively grow production and potentially reserves.
The farm-in agreement and joint development of the Major County STACK assets will allow Jericho to increase its STACK acreage position by 30 percent and participate in the drilling of horizontal wells targeting the Osage formation.
In Killers of the Flower Moon, journalist David Grann describes how Congress made the Osage dependent on whites who could gain from their deaths and how leading Oklahomans conspired to perpetrate and cover up mass murder.
Osage cradleboards are fairly common in collections, probably because the Osage continued to use them long after other tribes discontinued this practice.
In 2012, when I first visited the Osage Nation Museum, its then-director, Kathryn Red Corn, told me about this mysterious and deadly plot.
I'm an urban person, whose Osage father was too tenderhearted to hunt, but I have friends who hunt for food, and I eat meat.
Since only a tribe-enrolled Osage could claim the profits from their allotted lands, a law was conveniently passed requiring that guardians be appointed to "manage" the Osages' considerable wealth.
Nick Bruel's Bad Kitty is an additional favorite of Osage County First Grade's cat themed books.
Osage and Settler: Reconstructing Shared History Through an Oklahoma Family Archive
Also available as an ebook (9781476621173), Osage and Settler: Reconstructing Shared History through an Oklahoma Family Archive is a scholarly examination of the history and relationship between white settlers, African-Americans, and the Osage of Oklahoma.
AUGUST: OSAGE COUNTY Sky Movies Drama 8PM Julia Roberts and her sisters rally round mom Meryl Streep (below), who has mouth cancer.
AUGUST: OSAGE COUNTY BLADES OF GLORY BBC3 9PM Spandex peacocks Will Ferrell and Jon Heder star in a gloriously funny figure-skating fiasco.
When Valent BioSciences Corporation (VBC) unveiled its new, state-of-the-art biorational manufacturing facility in Osage, IA, last June, the grand opening punctuated a process that was initiated long before a burst of acquisitions put biologicals in the agricultural limelight.
This follows the successful drilling of the Osage Whitten 1-3MH Mississippian well to Total Depth, which was spud March 17th, 2014.