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Reducing seed dormancy in Indian ricegrass (Oryzopsis hymenoides).
Seeds of Atriplex halimus, Bassia scoparia L., Globularia maritima L., Oryzopsis milliacea L., Pistacia lentiscus L., Retama sphaerocarpa L., Salsola kali L., and Salsola vermiculata L.
Grasses include Stipa speciosa, Oryzopsis hymenoides, Sitanion jubatum, Sitanion histrix, and Bromus tectorum (Kucera 1988).
A recent study carried out in the United States detected the presence of a nitrogenase associated with the sand sheath of some American grasses, including Aristida purpurea, Oryzopsis hymenoides, and Stipa comata, although it has not yet been shown that these species can fix nitrogen.
They are Betula populifolia (gray birch), Carex scabrata, Corallorrhiza trifida (coral root), Gerardia pedicularia ambigens (clammy false foxglove), Hemicarpa drummondii, Hippuris vulgaris (mare's tail), Lechea stricta (bush pinweed), Lemna perpusilla (least duckweed), Linnaea borealis (twin flower), Lonicera canadensis (American fly honeysuckle), Oryzopsis pungens (short-horned rice grass), Panicum lucidum (bog panic grass), Psilocarya nitens (bald rush), Pyrola secunda (one-sided shinleaf), Scleria reticularis (netted nut rush), Shepherdia canadensis (russet buffaloberry), Trillium cernuum macranthum (nodding trillium), and Utricularia resu pinata (small purple bladderwort).
Because W&D indicate that data provided for Piptatherum for embryo characters may refer to Oryzopsis Michx., Piptatherum was left unscored for characters 26-31 unless data were specifically available under that name.
Historically, the Snake River Plain of southwestern Idaho was dominated largely by native shrubs (Atriplex, Artemisia, Ceratoides, Chrysothamnus, and Purshia) interspersed with native perennial bunchgrasses (Stipa, Poa, Oryzopsis, Festuca, Sitanion, and Elymus; Yensen 1982).
Station Plant species Korah Oumache El-Outaya Grasses Ampelodesma mauritanica + + + Agropyrum junceum + + + Avena sp + - + Cynodon dactylon + + + Hordeum murinum + - - Hordeum sativum + - - Imperata cylindrica + + + oryzopsis miliacea + + Psamma arenaria - + - Crops Citrullus lanatus Var Caffer - + - Cucumis melo - + - Trees Casuarina torulosa - + + Cupressus sempervirens - - + Ficus carica + + - Phoenix dactylifera + + + Phoenix canariensis - - + Pinus halepensis - - + Punica granatum + + + Olea europaea + + +
A cyto-taxonomic study of an intergeneric hybrid between Oryzopsis hymenoides and Stipa viridula.
Herbaceous plants that were rarely infested with parasites included the annuals Baileya and Chaenactis fremontii, as well as the perennials Oryzopsis and Sphaeralcea (Table 2).
In the laboratory, wetting the substrate with the equivalent of 0.36 mm of rain made buried bitterbrush, Indian rice-grass (Oryzopsis hymenoides), and lodgepole pine (Pinus contorta) seeds easy for yellow pine chipmunks, deer mice, and Great Basin pocket mice to find (Vander Wall 1995a).
Indian ricegrass (Oryzopsis hymenoides) and cheatgrass (Bromus tectorum) seedlings often emerge from rodent caches in sandy habitats in the Great Basin (La Tourette et al., 1971; McAdoo et al., 1983).
The herb layer includes species that are uncommon in other types such as Lilium philadelphicum, Oryzopsis pungens, and Comandra umbellata.
Scanning electron microscopy of rhizosheaths of Oryzopsis hymenoides.
Several perennial grasses, including needle-and-thread (Stipa comata), Indian ricegrass (Oryzopsis hymenoides) and bluegrass (Poa spp.) and one annual grass, cheatgrass (Bromus tectorum), are the dominant understory plants.