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imaginative British writer concerned with social justice (1903-1950)

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The Glenn Beck-endorsed single "Uprising" is so ripe with Orwellian paranoia (and, as Beck points out, mistrust for an Obama-run government - even though Muse is British) that the first line cried out is "Paranoia is in bloom.
On those very rare occasions when they respond at all, it is almost always classic government-style, Orwellian double-speak.
They are so used to their Orwellian New Speak that they actually believe the rubbish they say.
Along with the Orwellian living conditions, season four sees Dickinson rolling out her new plus-size division.
Her response is either astoundingly ignorant or downright Orwellian.
If councils are adopting such Orwellian techniques, may I suggest they go even further back in history in order to determine the truth and utilise those methods adopted by the Spanish inquisition.
In an Orwellian maneuver he even invoked the name of Ronald Reagan, noted for his tax cuts.
You could call the display Orwellian from the looks of it alone, but that adjective is even more apropos when you consider that 3.
Nearly four years after Congress pulled the plug on what critics assailed as an Orwellian scheme to spy on private citizens, Singapore is set to launch an even more ambitious incarnation of the Pentagon's controversial Total Information Awareness program--an effort to collect and mine data across all government agencies in the hopes of pinpointing threats to national security.
If it's in our villages, are we really moving towards an Orwellian situation where cameras are at every street corner?
A movie of their lives proves to be one manipulation too many, but their contractual obligations are iron clad and Bargain Bonanza proves to be an Orwellian "big brother.
This is evidently Orwellian Newspeak, since some of the requirements for an alien to have his status "adjusted" include provisions that allow the legalization of most every illegal immigrant: the alien "was physically present in the United States on or before the date that is 5 years before April 5, 2006"; "was not legally present [that is, was here illegally] in the United States on April 5, 2006," and "did not depart from the United States during the 5-year period ending on April 5, 2006.
The setting is very familiar to long-time readers of comics as Gotham City--the ubiquitous Orwellian cyber-Babylon where costumed anti-heroes tend to hang out.
Finally, our government has set up secret prisons, kidnapped suspected terrorists (under the Orwellian term "extraordinary rendition"), and handed people over to be tortured by foreign governments.
LIKE demons pushing more than 1,000 mostly unneeded or Orwellian new laws, California legislators barely had time for the other dark activity each August: back-to-back fundraising events as they rushed hundreds of bad laws onto Arnold's desk.