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imaginative British writer concerned with social justice (1903-1950)

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(10.) Orwell takes other pokes along the way--at unions (83), at government training and make-work programs (83-84), and at gambling through the "Football Pools" (85, 89).
It is impossible to convince most people who had Orwell's kind of separated education that they are not, in the most central ways, English....
Orwell stayed on a hill opposite the gasworks on Wallace Road, Neepsend, with a view of "lamps twinkling like stars".
Orwell's defining moment was the Spanish Civil War and his participation in a leftist (Trotskyist) political organization known as POUM.
As Ricks notes, had Churchill and Orwell been killed in Spain, South Africa, Sudan, or New York they would be remembered by only a few historians specializing in minor British politicians and literary figures.
Orwell forecast a time when CCTV-style surveillance was everywhere.
In Burmese Days the nationalist cause is represented by a newspaper of borrowed stories and few readers, whose real purpose is to serve the nefarious ends of the locally dominant criminal (Orwell [1934] 2001, 254-256).
The Blairs returned to England barely a year after Orwell's birth but the house where his parents lived survived till his centenary birth anniversary in 2003 when it was rediscovered by his admirers.
Completely ignoring Orwell, Lynskey states, "There's no ambiguity about where the Canadian rock band Rush got the idea for their 1976 concept album 2112, which they...dedicated to 'the genius of Ayn Rand.'" Orwell would have hated the protest of counterculture rock stars (Lynskey's hobbyhorse), who crudely stole Orwell's ideas about Big Brother in their revolt against paternal authority.
Mr Bissell's book focuses on Orwell's life while he lived at a remote farmhouse on the island of Jura, Barnhill.
Then in 1946, already famous from the publication of the Soviet satire Animal Farm, a worried Orwell is said to have borrowed - and later returned - a gun from fellow writer Ernest Hemingway while in Paris.
Deputy government spokesman Werachon Sukondhapatipak said Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-ocha recommended reading the Thai edition of Orwell's famous 1945 political allegory Animal Farm, as it "leaves important lessons on how to live life".
Beginning in the 1950s, Orwell's publishers commissioned well-known writers for "celebrity" editions of the novel.
Evelyn Waugh was one of the first readers to realize what was wrong with Orwell's novel and, after finishing this depressing book, thought that his friend deserved a sermon: