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The joint venture has corporate partnerships with Bristol-Myers Squibb's Apothecon and Gensia/Boehringer Mannheim for the development of potentially bioequivalent formulations of Oruvail (ketoprofen) and Procardia XL (nifedipine), respectively.
pharmaceutical sales increased 2% in 1996 due primarily to higher sales of Cordarone, Oruvail, Ziac, Pondimin and other pharmaceuticals which were partially offset by lower sales of Premarin products, oral contraceptives and Lodine.
Genta Jago recently completed a pilot pharmacokenetic study comparing GEOMATRIX ketoprofen with Oruvail.
sales for the 1995 full year decreased 1% as higher sales of Effexor, Oruvail, Ziac, Cordarone and Premarin products were offset by lower sales of Ativan, oral contraceptives, infant nutritionals, veterinary products, and Lederle antibiotics and generic products.
In 1995, Oruvail generated world wide sales of approximately $200 million," continued Mr.