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That job was made more difficult with the launch of products like Orudis KT and Actron with all their accompanying publicity.
With Aleve and Orudis KT already cracking the lists of top 10 analgesics brands based on dollar and unit volume, it is clear that the new products have shaken up the category, and that they are playing a major role in shaping the strategies of manufacturers.
Whether it's Advil, Aleve or Orudis KT, these product introductions draw attention to the category and create interest among consumers," Taylor Drug Stores health and beauty aids buyer Tom Wolsiefer says.
While aspirin sales rose in 1995, several competitors began to feel the heat following the introduction of Aleve and Orudis KT.
In November Whitehall-Robins introduced Orudis KT after marketing prescription-strength ketoprofen under the name Orudis for almost 10 years.
He notes that the drug chain is stocking Orudis KT and will carry Actron when it becomes available.
By introducing Orudis KT, we're offering consumers another option for pain relief.
The results demonstrate consumer interest in the potency of ORUDIS KT plus the success of our aggressive efforts to get ORUDIS KT on shelf quickly and begin advertising within two days of launch," says Terry Stecz, President, Whitehall-Robins Healthcare.
In an unprecedented 24-hour, nationwide distribution effort, more than 20,000 trucks were mobilized to deliver ORUDIS KT to more than 30,000 retail outlets across the nation.
Launched on November 9, ORUDIS KT is indicated for the temporary relief of minor aches and pains of the common cold, headache, toothache, muscular aches, backache, the minor pain of arthritis, menstrual cramps, and the temporary reduction of fever.