Euclidean geometry

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(mathematics) geometry based on Euclid's axioms

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Here the orthogonal geometry is subverted, with each function precisely articulated in a sculptural extrusion, so that the building resembles a folded and twisted piece of origami.
Exhibition spaces are cavernous and cool, and while the principal exhibition space reverts to an orthogonal geometry, the lower level foyer extends the roof's dynamic form.
The concrete grid forms a matrix for the new parts that snake around and through the orthogonal geometry, subverting and enriching.
Free from constraints of orthogonal geometry, these screens extend diagonally across plan to link new with old, leading through to a reconfigured stair, dressing room and third bedroom, set within the upper level of the two-storey castellated tower.
On the fourth south-east side, the orthogonal geometry is decisively fractured, as the new edge of the market dodges and weaves around a new public plaza and two new social housing blocks containing 59 low rent apartments for the elderly.
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