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Nicaraguan statesman (born in 1945)

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4 Federal Register notice that it will "supplement" its Nicaragua Sanctions Regulations with additional guidance, general licenses and statements of licensing policy as they relate to trade with the Central American country's government agencies and individuals affiliated with the Ortega regime.
'Finally assumed my post as the youngest Regional Director for Tourism in the Philippines today,' Ortega said an Instagram post.
has appointed Juan Luis Ortega as executive vice president, Chubb Group, and president, Overseas General Insurance.
Juan Luis Ortega has been named president, Overseas General Insurance and he will also have the title of executive vice president, Chubb Group.
President Ortega expressed his keenness to strengthen joint ties between the two friendly countries and deepen economic, trade, and investment relations.
In his acceptance speech, Ortega paid tribute to the late actor, whom he worked with on all three 'Descendants' films.
Ortega will lead the expanded Americas Division, including enterprise, channel, carrier and government clients.
La Union 1st District Representative Pablo Ortega bagged his second term after no one contested his reelection bid.
Nicaragua is closer to "total economic chaos" and a new civil war than ever before, a Supreme Court judge has warned in a searing resignation letter to President Daniel Ortega. In a three-page dispatch sent to the former revolutionary icon this week, Rafael Solis accused Ortega of transforming the Central American country into "a state of terror" after an uprising against him began last April.
Against Holloway, Ortega needed to be at his best and hope to catch the champion off guard and off shape.
Un referente de gran importancia para el proceso de innovacion de la pedagogia y de las instituciones educativas en Espana durante el siglo veinte ha sido, sin duda, el filosofo y ensayista Jose Ortega y Gasset (1883-1955) (Canales Serrano, 2013).
Police Inspector Allan Ortega, deputy commander of the Pasay City police's community precinct (PCP) 4, was declared dead on arrival at the San Juan de Dios Hospital due to four gunshot wounds in his neck, cheek and knee.
Andres Oppenheimer | Tribune News Service OF all the reactions I got from my one-hour interview with Nicaragua's authoritarian president Daniel Ortega, the most troublesome came from a man who knows him better than most: former Costa Rican President Oscar Arias Sanchez, who won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1987 for helping end Central America's civil wars and forcing Ortega to hold elections in 1990.