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large citrus tree having large sweet deep orange fruit that is easily peeled

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The 'Ortanique' tangor [Citrus reticulata Blanco x Citrus sinensis (L.) Osbeck] plants with 6 years grafted onto 'Rangpur' lime [Citrus limonia Osbeck] with 5-m spacing between rows and 4 m between plants.
To analyze the phytochemicals of 'Ortanique' tangor the exocarp or epicarp (peel) of the endocarp (pulp) were separated and evaluated separately.
Perez-Gago, "Fatty acid effect on hydroxypropyl methylcellulose-beeswax edible film properties and postharvest quality of coated ortanique' mandarins," Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, vol.
The locus Org-23 possessed many alleles, among them one distinguishes the Lemon group, another was only present in Meyer cultivar (Lemon group) and a third specific allele was present only in Ortanique (Mandarin group).
And what on earth is an ortanique? Go shopping for a basket of oranges these days and youare as likely to come back confused by the plethora of varieties - and empty-handed.
Those of you with a Caribbean connection, especially a Jamaican one, will know of the sweet, juicy ortanique. It's a cross between the orange and the tangerine.
"We grow 17 different varieties of citrus," says Bronson, "and we're Florida's largest grower of Sunburst, Fallglo, and Ortanique tangerines."
Nas condicoes edafoclimaticas do Estado do Rio Grande do Sul, somente os tangoreiros 'Murcott' e 'Ortanique' conseguem chegar com o seu periodo de colheita ao final do mes de outubro (SCHWARZ, 2009; OLIVEIRA et al., 2011).
Em tangerinas 'Nova' e 'Ortanique' (SALVADOR et al., 2006) e em abacaxis (SELVARAJAH et al., 2001), o bloqueio da acao do etileno por meio do 1-MCP reduziu consideravelmente a incidencia de injurias de frio.
* Ortanique Restaurants--a restaurant group featuring Caribbean-influenced cuisine with locations in Washington, D.C.; Coral Gables, Florida; and Las Vegas
Comparative study of the mandarin hybrid fruit characteristics: Nova, Murcott and Ortanique in Capao Bonito SP, Brazil.
Quanto aos comerciantes que trabalham com frutas citricas sem sementes, quatro destacaram as laranjas-deumbigo e as cultivares de tangerinas Ellendale, Saltenita (Montenegrina), Clementina, Ortanique e Okitsu (Quadro 1).
And it's now restocked with everything from Tasty Eats soy jerky to UglyRipes organic tomatoes to tangerine-looking citrus fruits called "ortaniques."