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They occur in Orontium (tribe Orontieae), in all genera of Lemnoideae, and two genera of Aroideae: tribe Areae.
americanum, Orontium aquaticum, Typha spp and lots of aquatic plant detritus.
Genetic isolation of species majus glutinosum and orontium. Heredity 1:175-186.
Orontium aquaticum (Golden club) is also trouble-free and is a member of the Arum family.
Neori, Kane, and Raskin (unpublished) found that SA release from the seedling roots of several tissue-cultured aquatic plants (Orontium, Pontederia, and Sagittaria) reached tens of micromoles [1.sup.-1] and 1% of plant dry weight within 3-4 weeks.
genetic isolation of the species majus, glutinosum and orontium. Heredity, 1:175-186.