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Las familias mas diversas fueron Asteraceae (33 especies), Poaceae (20), Fabaceae (7), Caryophyllaceae (6), Brassicaceae (5), Orobanchaceae (4) y Plantaginaceae (4) (Figura 3).
Contributions to the knowledge of Cistanche (Orobanchaceae) in the Western Palearctic.
(Orobanchaceae), there were also relatively low instances of parasitism (less than 30%) of 3 of the 5 hosts tested (Helton et al.
(Orobanchaceae) or eared false-foxglove is an annual hemiparasitic species that occurs sporadically throughout the eastern and central United States (Molano-Flores et al., 2003; USDA-NRCS, 2004; NatureServe, 2006).
Seed germination and seedling morphogenesis in parasitic angiosperms of the families Schrophulariaceae and Orobanchaceae. Seed Sci.
Perhaps the only one is Boschniakia rossica (Orobanchaceae), a parasite of the roots of the alder that is very frequent in the Siberian taiga.
Field surveys conducted in Poland in Sep and Oct 2017 revealed infestations of the parasitic plant Phelipanche ramosa (L.) Pomel (Orobanchaceae), also known as branched broomrape, by larvae of the monophagous fly Phytomyza orobanchia Kalt.
Orobanchaceae Neobartsia bartsioides h -- (Hook.) Edwin Neobartsia diffusa h -- (Benth.) Uribe-Convers & Tank Neobartsia elongata h -- (Wedd.) Uribe-Convers & Tank Neobartsia fiebrigii h -- (Diels) Uribe-Convers & Tank Neobartsia inaequalis h -- (Benth.) Uribe-Convers & Tank Neobartsia pedicularoides h -- (Benth.) Uribe-Convers & Tank Castilleja pumila h -- (Benth.) Wedd.
The differences in sugar use during germination of root parasitic weeds in Orobanchaceae may be attributed to their ability to photosynthesize.