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the branch of zoology that studies birds

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However, the first regular recordings in Slovakia took place in 1977.Last year, ornithologists counted 1,270 white stork couples, which raised 2,580 baby storks.
While apiarists are none too pleased with this invasive interloper, the sighting of these exotic looking birds, purely from an ornithologist's perspective, are the bees' knees.
Ornithologists say there are only about 300 blue-throated hillstars and that the species is in danger of extinction.
Vice Chairman of the Pakistan Wildlife Foundation and a noted ornithologist of the country, Safwan Shahab Ahmad while speaking on the occasion said if migratory birds stop coming, our wetlands will dry up and our great natural fauna and flora will suffer unimaginably.
BONUS: Now, you be the ornithologist! Go outside and find a bird in your area.
Ornithologists work in academia, federal and state agencies, wildlife and conservation organizations, and other institutions, such as the World Bank.
Ornithologists studying the feathers of Erithacus rubecula have discovered that the red breast reveals more than simply the species of the owner.
Ornithologists working in Kielder Forest's 155,000 acres are monitoring 11 nests in Northumberland's most remote corner.
BETHLEHEM, August 23, 2010 (WAFA)- A worldwide ornithologists gathering elected Imad Atrash, executive director of the Wildlife Society in Palestine, a global ornithologist during the meeting of 25 scientists, being held in the resort of San Paulo, Brazil.
Ornithologists from Turkey based "Nature Association" announced they managed to take photos of three Fish-Owls in the Taurus mountains.
Ornithologists Suchit Basnet and Badri Chaudhary first sighted the new bird on March 19, 2009 and later on March 26 the same year along one of the main channels of the Koshi River in the eastern region.
While the majority of local birdwatchers are preoccupied, eagerly awaiting the spring arrival of neo-tropical migrants from the Caribbean and Central and South America to breed here, many ornithologists are now analyzing the winter tallies.
A year later, in June 2009, the Afghan ornithologists Naqeebullah Mostafawi, Ali Madad Rajabi and Hafizullah Noori from the Wildlife Conservation Society Afghanistan managed to travel to the Badakshan region, despite the war and ongoing clan conflicts.
A team of ornithologists spent a day at Whiteford Burrows National Nature Reserve on the Gower last week catching, ringing, and marking the birds, by dyeing their white breasts yellow.