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chief deity of Zoroastrianism

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That dualistic sect alleged that there were two ultimate principles in the world: that of light and good (Ormuzd); and that of dark and evil (Ahriman).
Such influences saw the universe as the theatre of a struggle between two eternally opposed and co-equal forces, Ahriman, the principle of evil, and Ormuzd, the principle of good, though paradoxically the archetypical evil is destined at the end of time to be conquered by the good.
The theology is fundamentally dualistic in that the course of the universe is understood as a relentless struggle between Ormuzd (Ahura Mazda), the principle of light and goodness, and Ahriman (Angra Mainyu), the spirit of evil and darkness.
Shamash was the principal sun god of the Assyrians, Merodach of the Chaldees, Ormuzd of the Persians, Ra of the Egyptians, Tezcatlipoca of the Mexicans, and Helios (known to the Romans as Sol ) of the Greeks.