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chief deity of Zoroastrianism

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(3) It is through the lens of technology that Ted sees the true Millgate, not through magical superpowers; having a proper posture with respect to technology is what allows Ted to help Armaiti and Ormazd defeat Ahriman in Millgate.
At this point, Ted has no idea about Ormazd, Ahriman, or Armaiti, so the idea that the haze is "him" catches him off guard.
Moreover, because it is daytime, the god he sees is not even Ahriman, but Ormazd; Peter shows Ted the god of life, creation, and poiesis.
Ted must think meditatively about how he remembers the town to have been; he must work with the gods of creation, Ormazd and Armaiti, to help nurture the authentic town forth; and, most importantly, he must work with the town itself to help it appear truthfully.
What he sees is not simply another being, for Ormazd is the scene itself.
All religions, Dupuis says, mythologize the alternation of light and darkness into a cosmic conflict of good and evil -- Ahriman versus Ormazd, Jupiter versus the Titans, God versus Satan.
Zoroastrian belief held that the world was created by Ormazd, the spirit of light and fire.