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United States conductor (born in Hungary) (1899-1985)

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Ormandy: It's the Chinese concept of feng shui: how humans feel inside, react to a space, and what a space offers in terms of feeling comfortable.
Google's Ormandy reported the security flaws to Symantec and helped devise fixes, according to the antivirus company.
Brusilow's tumultuous relationships with Pierre Monteux, George Szell, and Eugene Ormandy shaped his early career.
Cabergoline may improve sperm motility and morphology of dogs with poor sperm quality and increases sperm count in hyperprolactinemic patients (Ormandy et al., 1997; De Rose et al., 1998, 2003; Hess, 2006).
In 1985, conductor Eugene Ormandy, director of the Philadelphia Orchestra for more than four decades, died at age 85.
107, written in the summer of 1959 and premiered in Leningrad on 4 October 1959 (Yevgeny Mravinsky) and two days later presented in Moscow (Alexandr Gauk), then in November in Philadelphia (Eugene Ormandy, in Columbia's commercial recording) and first performed in Czechoslovakia at the Prague Spring festival on 29 May 1960 (KiriII Kondrashin).
These younger connections, which included Eugene Ormandy and Vincente Minnelli, promised a dynasty that should have secured Rothafel's legacy within the history of the entertainment industry, but, as his contemporaries realized, his name and accomplishments faded relatively quickly after his death.
| UNIVERSITY PLACES: Nigel Wheatley (left), managing director of Wheatley M&E Services Ltd, with David Dutch (centre), technical director of Hartley and Sugden parent Ormandy Group, and Alan Johnson, deputy director of estates and facilities at Huddersfield University
According to Daily Express, Google's security engineer Tavis Ormandy had revealed technical information about bug in Microsoft's Window operating system in May.
Google security engineer Tavis Ormandy's disclosure in May was controversial because he posted technical information on the Web that described the bug in the Windows operating system, which some experts said could help malicious hackers launch attacks, before Microsoft had released software to fix it.
Tavis Ormandy, the Google engineer who posted details of the flaw in May on a Microsoft blog, was heavily criticised at the time because he did so without first informing Microsoft, thereby not allowing the Windows vendor to fix the issue.
The literature suggests that there are some renal services which have conducted memorial services (Ormandy, 1998; Poppel et al., 2003; Nulsen & Noble, 2009; Chambers et al., 2010).