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a supporter of the Orleans branch of the Bourbons that was descended from a younger brother of Louis XIV

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The Burgundians, notorious for a propaganda machine that has coloured the history of the conflict between them and the Orleanists to the modern era, were particularly successful at promulgating the story that Louis was a sorcerer.
What is more, for the entire period, Zola was sending anonymous dispatches to the liberal Orleanist paper Le Semaphore de Marseille.
However, like the Orleanists in 1830, Don Jose compromises these traditional values in order to win the affections of the free-spirited Carmen and begins leading a bohemian life.
These voices became ever more insistent, leading Jeanne, at 16, to feel compelled to travel to Chinon, to the court of Charles de Ponthieu, whom the Orleanists believed to be the Dauphin, or rightful claimant to the French crown.
The terms 'movement' and 'resistance' designated the more progressive and conservative factions among the Orleanists who had come to power in 1830.
Rather than joining Louis XVIII in exile in Ghent, Talleyrand put out feelers to the Orleanists, who he thought might emerge as a credible future monarchy among the Allies.
Even the manners of Granger's aunt--whose Parisian Salon des Causes Perdues, "a menagerie [of] Carlists, and Orleanists, and Papal Blacks" (123) looks forward to Conrad's Legitimist settings--"did not begin to assume frigidity until several watches of the day had passed" (208).