Orkney Islands

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an archipelago of about 70 islands in the North Atlantic and North Sea off the northeastern coast of Scotland

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It states that "while employed as a social care worker by Orkney Islands Council at St Rognvalds House and St Peter's House you did culpably and recklessly allow AA, aged 13 years, to access a powdered substance which you believed to contain MDMA, a Class A drug, resulting in AA consuming said drug and thus exposing her to possible injury as a consequence of consuming said drug.
Internal flights to the six outer isles--Eday (EOI), North Ronaldsay (NRL), Papa Westray, Sanday(NDY), Stronsay (SOY) and Westray--are operated under a Public Service Obligation (PSO) contract awarded by Orkney Islands Council.
The business has received an order for a 75kVA Containerized Fuel Cell Stationary Power System for the Orkney Islands "Surf and Turf" project - which refers to the combined use of electricity supplied from tidal turbines and a nearby onshore wind turbine.
According to the most recent Bank of Scotland Rural Quality of Life Survey, the Orkney Islands has retained the title for the third year in a row, having knocked off Aberdeenshire from the top spot in 2014 and staying there since.
The Orkney Dictionary, by Margaret Flaws and Gregor Lamb (2nd Edition, 2001), contains a treasury of Orkney Islands language.
Target: Farming operations on UK's Shetland and Orkney Islands
The Orkney Islands had the lowest burglary rates, at one per 10,000 households.
7m contract to modernise and lengthen MV Hoy Head, a car ferry owned by Orkney Islands Council.
Stevenson admitted that $15,000 that was to be used for a FNUC cultural exchange to Scotland's Orkney Islands was instead used to pay for things other than the trip, and he paid himself more than $7,000 in "coordinator's fees" for attending.
Remote North Ronaldsay, in the Orkney Islands, now has fewer than 70 residents.
I WOULD love to go to the Orkney Islands on a short break.
Steven Darren Ottewell, 38, of Cuddington, Cheshire, was exploring a wreck in Scapa Flow off the Orkney Islands, but failed to resurface.
The Norwegian Scots; an anthropological interpretation of Viking-Scottish identity in the Orkney Islands.
The 65 crew members aboard the Sea Stallion of Glendalough had been sailing along the coast of Norway for nearly two weeks, awaiting favourable winds to make the crossing to the Orkney Islands.
But what makes the perspective of Venus as a Boy even more remarkable than its dalliance with both the intensely profane and the characters' obsession with various forms of redemption, is that it is written from the point of view of a racist thug who beat, violated, and humiliated the young Luke Sutherland upon his migration to the Orkney Islands after being adopted by a white English family.