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(Greek mythology) a giant Boeotian hunter who pursued the Pleiades and was eventually slain by Artemis

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a constellation on the equator to the east of Taurus

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Orion Health's portal based solutions mean that existing technology investments are preserved, avoiding costly investments in all new software and hardware infrastructure.
The ORION for AIX GUI, ORION Navigator, allows quick and simple configuration, management and monitoring of ORION for AIX, and is also common to Vision's full line of unique high availability solutions for i5/OS, Windows and Linux so users can easily manage availability in a multiplatform environment from a single control point, using a single set of skills.
Having access to high performance hardware, and the ability to test on multiple configurations has enabled us to achieve record-breaking benchmarks for processing HL7 messages on both the UNIX and Windows platforms with our Rhapsody Integration Engine," said Paul de Bazin, Group General Manager for Orion Health Rhapsody.
Rhapsody will help us overcome the challenges inherent in managing huge volumes of data in multiple formats and could mean a faster response if an outbreak occurs," said Paul Viskovich, Orion Health President North American Operations.
Orion intends to use a continuous dry milling process to produce fuel-grade ethanol as its main product and distillers' grains and carbon dioxide as co-products.
A possible result of the investigation may also be that Orion Diagnostica will continue as a part of the Orion Group.
What's more, at just 1,500 light-years from Earth, Orion is the closest stellar maternity ward where massive stars have cleared the view.
We are excited to collaborate with Orion Genomics, whose microarray and PCR technologies are at the world forefront for methylation analysis, both for marker discovery and for applying methylation diagnostics in a clinical setting.
The syndicated show, which is produced and hosted by Orion, started in 1975.
Orion is a shell of its former self: a prestigious mini-major studio that hit a hot streak for most of the 1980s.
SolarWinds, a leader in network management software, today unveiled Orion VoIP Monitor, a new module in the Orion product line.
To take a picture as sharp and complete as the Orion portrait, the observatory would have to spend at least 100 times as much time--its most precious commodity in its last few years of operation--as it required to depict Orion.
Orion Pharma has been signed up as one of the first customers for the new DME (drug metabolism enzyme) test from Jurilab Ltd.
NEW YORK -- Medidata Solutions today announced that Orion Corporation has chosen to standardize on Medidata Rave as its global electronic data capture (EDC) management and reporting solution.