Orinoco River

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a South American river 1,500 miles long

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The agreement calls for a joint venture between their oil companies to exploit the vast oil reserves in the Orinoco river basin region.
Some passages in Lancini's book are a true herpetological homage for Humboldt, the universal thinker that described the rattlesnake Crotalus cumanensis, and amazed the world with his writings on the crocodilians and turtles of the mighty Orinoco River, reporting on their great numbers and foreseeing the fate of these now endangered species.
LEAVE Liverpool on January 14 on a 35-night cruise, including a trip up the Orinoco River on Fred Olsen's the Black Prince.
The manufacturing plant will be located in El Dividive, Anzoategui state, on the bank of Orinoco River, near Orinoquia bridge.
SOUTH AMERICA: Jane Brent and Keith McConnell of Stockton won the last round of the Gazette on Tour competition with this picture of them with a copy of the Gazette during a piranha fishing expedition on the Orinoco River in Venezuala.
Chavez said on April 12 that soldiers would accompany government officials when they took over oil projects in the Orinoco river basin in May.
In which South American country does the Orinoco river flow into the Atlantic?
Brazil's state development bank BNDES is even spending $480 million in Venezuela building a bridge and highway over the Orinoco River, to create a new trade route for Brazilian soy.
Since then conservationists have collected thousands of hatchlings - at that stage about the size of a penny and easy to catch - from the giant Orinoco River, raised them in captivity and re-released them.
He conducted research in the fields of evolution, natural history, endocrinology, and reproduction in the United States and Europe and participated in natural history expeditions in Cuba and up the Orinoco River in South America.
Over the weekend of April 5, tens of thousands of protected Arrau turtles were set free into the Orinoco River.
And, as amazing as it may seem in this day of ubiquitous television, the same kid who knows that cocoa is produced in the Ashanti region of Ghana, and that the mouth of the Orinoco River is north of the mouth of the Zambezi River, had never even heard of NBC's Katie Couric.
The Orinoco project will consist of a mechanical pulp plant and a 400,000-ton per year newsprint mill located on the north bank of the Orinoco River close to Ciudad Guayana, Venezuela.
Venezuelan officials say the project will help create a high-tech research and business hub along the Orinoco River.
One area that was sparsely sampled, however, was the transition region from savanna to rainforest south of the Orinoco River (Ochoa et al.