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branch of chemistry that deals with the chemical action of light

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His research, conducted in collaboration with a group of 3-6 undergraduates, focuses on organic photochemistry, particularly on creating new "pro-photooxidants" based on the perimidinespirohexadienone family of photochromes.
He transferred to the Central Research Division of American Cyanamid in 1960, where he led a group that carried out fundamental studies in strained ring chemistry and in organic photochemistry related to the phenomenon of photochromism.
The new titles are Hazardous Materials, Cancer Therapeutic Agents, New Pahrmacologically Active Compounds, Organic Photochemistry, and Peptides and Amino Acids.
Winnik obtained his PhD in organic chemistry at Columbia University in 1969 and spent a postdoctoral year at Caltech studying organic photochemistry.