Oregon ash

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timber tree of western North America yielding hard light wood

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The north restoration plot contained dense patches of willows, a small section of bottomland forest, and scattered plantings of Oregon Ash (Fig.
Native trees and shrubs replaced them - cottonwood, big leaf maple, red and white alder, Oregon ash and willow.
The species to be planted include willow, black cottonwood, bigleaf maple, Oregon ash, incense cedar, and white and black oak.
Now, visitors can see saplings planted - cottonwood, big leaf maple, red and white alder, Oregon ash, and willow - many protected by wire fencing to keep the ambitious beavers at bay.
The team will plant about 30 big-leaf maples, Oregon ash and cottonwoods Saturday at 10 a.
If something is done to the enlarged lawn space between Amazon Parkway and the concrete chute passing for Amazon Creek, I urge the Eugene School District (or whomever) to establish a restored prairie with occasional native trees like Oregon ash and Kellogg's black oak.
Officials made the announcement at Clearwater Park near east Springfield, where the view south across the river's glistening middle fork showed the land involved, including a foreground of cottonwoods and Oregon ash and in the distance, the northeast slope of Mount Pisgah.
But the group's removal of about 200 Douglas fir, maple and Oregon ash last month surprised county officials who expected perhaps 25 trees to come down, said Howard Schussler, assistant public works director.
Invasive canary grass still clogs the creek, but volunteers hope that the oaks, Oregon ash and other recently planted trees eventually provide enough shade to kill the grass and open the waterway.
A half-acre park that boasts everything from a wetlands studded with Oregon ash and black cottonwood to a first-of-its-kind-in-the-nation play structure is open for climbing and exploring in east Springfield.
Big leaf maples, Oregon white oak and Oregon ash will help re-create riparian forest lands, and shrubs, wildflowers and grasses will be planted along the channel banks and in the uplands.
On Saturday, volunteers spread out in teams of three to plant a mix of black cottonwood, big leaf maple, Oregon ash, a Willamette Valley subspecies of ponderosa pine and Western red cedar.
However, the city will use some of the grant to replant the area with native trees and shrubs, such as Oregon ash, cottonwood and red osier dogwood, said Lauri Mullen, the ponds' vegetation and enhancement coordinator.
At the intersection of Honeysuckle Lane and Harlow, Paul Beatty of Springfield tamped down the soil after planting an Oregon ash.
These wooden cards begin with a tree felled in a wintery Oregon forest - grand fir, for instance, or Pacific yew or Oregon ash.
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