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a mineral that contains metal that is valuable enough to be mined

a monetary subunit in Denmark and Norway and Sweden

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e company has experience in developing mining interests overseas, having previously led the redevelopment of the Scheerville area iron ore deposits in western Labrador and north-eastern Quebec.
Raw material base of AMMC are deposits of copper-porphyry Kalmakyr and Sary-Ceku (Tashkent region), lead-zinc-barite ore deposit Uch-Kulach (Jizzakh region) and ore deposit Handiza (Kashkadarya region).
The ore deposit and its surroundings are comprised of several hydrogeological blocks and impermeable hydrogeological barriers.
Shahrani said the mines ministry was planning to tender the huge Hajigak iron ore deposit and the oil blocks in the Afghan-Tajik basin in early 2011.
Operations at the Berezov iron ore deposit, located 20 kilometers north of the Inner Mongolian border town of Shiwei, are due to begin in 2012, he said.
But, the same certainty cannot be applied to mantle sources: we still wonder if it is necessary to have a concentrated source in the mantle to produce an ore deposit, or if a combination of geochemical and hydrological processes will lead to an economic accumulation.
He said this would eventually generate US$400 million a year to the state, which will contribute the ore deposit and the present Rosario Mining installations.
Simandou is a world-class, low cost iron ore deposit with significant economic potential for Guinea, and we look forward to working with the Government of Guinea and our other Simandou partners towards its development."
The raw material base of the enterprise are Kalmakyr and Sary-Ceku (Tashkent region) deposits of copper-porphyry, Uch-Kulach (Jizzakh) deposit of lead-zinc-barite ore and Khandiza ore deposit in Kashkadarya region in the south.
In the valley of the Ujeva River near Bor Serbia, geologists of the Mining and Smelting Basin Bor have discovered a new ore deposit. A drill hole they are currently working on will be 2 kilometers deep, which will exceed the current record of 1.65 km.
The Brazilian company vale has made a $2.5bn acquisition of a 51% interest in Beny Steinmetz Group Resources Guinea (BSGR) which owns half of Guinea's giant Simandou iron ore deposit, possibly the largest undeveloped iron-ore reserve in the world.
It was a strategic move to announce the discovery of a three-billion-ton iron ore deposit in Liaoning province, said an analyst who preferred not to be named, to help Chinese negotiators gain a bigger say at this year's iron ore price negotiations.
Economic Geology Models--This series was a follow-up to the very successful Ore Deposit Models series (1980-1988), initially edited by John Allen and subsequently by Gwilym Roberts, that culminated in a reprint volume by the same name.
A large group of residents of villages located near Salton-Sary, went to the office building of the Chinese company Zhong Ji Mining, developing a gold ore deposit. Having met, local residents and workers' companies began to throw stones at each other.
"Accounting for the ore extracted during 13 years of Saindak Copper-Gold project operation, the available copper ore deposit is estimated as 353 million tons," he added.