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Although Wolverhampton is one of the four councils backing the Ordinance Survey request, it is not even certain whether the city and its surrounding borough should be included within the area.
At the beginning of the week Ordinance Survey Ireland launched a new website - www.
These days election coverage comes with interactive touch-screen displays, but back in 1970 it was a case of an Ordinance Survey map with a white dot on it to mark the constituency.
As part of the project, Dr Waddington's team is now working with Durham University to feed the results into a computer-generated map, which will show not just the archaeological sites along the coastline, but also Ordinance Survey information and geological data to give a complete picture of the area.
But archaeology and a late 19th century Ordinance Survey map on the wall of Llangollen town hall could help substantiate the North Wales claim to some legends held dear by Glastonbury.
Phil has also supplied an ordinance survey map of the three walks.
He also has his reading and map reading badge, which he earned through navigating with an ordinance survey map on camp.
New measurements using satellite technology will challenge the official Ordinance Survey height of 914m (2,999ft) - just 40cm (16 inches) short of the 3,000ft minimum needed to be classed as a Munro.
MARKED on the Ordinance Survey map of the hill area between Painscastle and Builth Wells is a lonely grave - a battered wooden headboard bears the name Twm Tobacco.
It has also emerged that a council ordinance survey map showing a New Street train tunnel under the square is inaccurate.
Friel's play is set in Ireland during the Ordinance Survey of 1824, when the British decided to eliminate all Gaelic place names in favor of the English alternatives.
She said: "I am very happy that Ordinance Survey recognise the importance of St James' Park and that they will be joining fans in keeping that name alive.
John Garside, curator of the Bullecourt Museum, believes the maps were Ordinance Survey maps adapted by the Germans before the war.