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a printed copy of the order of the day


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During this relatively brief fall session, 26 Government Bills were introduced: 24 having received Royal Assent and two of which remain on the Order Paper for the spring sitting (anticipated to commence in March).
Unbeknown to many, Information Technology claimed yet another victim last week when it quietly killed that iconic part and parcel of Kenya's Parliament the order paper. With Kenya embracing e-parliament, becoming the second country in East Africa after Uganda, the National Assembly has done away with hard copy of many of its documents, including the order paper, motions, bills, petitions, speaker's rulings, proposed amendments to bills and memoranda.
And so last Tuesday marked the official death of the order paper. For many who have followed parliamentary proceedings or those who have worked in Parliament this marks the end of an era.
The order paper was much part of parliamentary procedures probably the same way the mace is.For the legislators and the press corps covering Parliament, the first business was to lay your hand on the document, with the scribes receiving theirs from the house orderlies who brought copies to the press room, while the MPs received theirs at the debating chamber's entrance.
As debate raged, Biwott would at times turn cheeky he would roll the order paper and use it as a 'telescope' of sorts to look at the contributor on the floor, in most cases those from the Opposition.
'Speaker is showing his contempt for the institution of royalty by placing this [motion] in the Order Paper and after the King declared the Parliament open,' he said.
Behind him, we had the incongruous spectacle of a parliamentary Conservative Party which just a week ago had bundled him out of the job now waving their order papers enthusiastically when, for the last time, he delivered his weekly catch-phrase: 'That is why nobody believes the Prime Minister any more .
Was it out of a feeling of guilt that they waved their order papers?
Labour backbenchers jeered and waved their order papers as Mr Marsden took his seat - but he laughed and smiled in response.
When he left, they waved their order papers in a traditional show of support.
Labour backbenchers jeered and waved their order papers as Mr Marsden (Shrewsbury and Atcham) took his seat behind Liberal Democrat leader Charles Kennedy.
As Mr Trimble and the new nationalist Deputy First Minister Mark Durkan triumphed in the Assembly, there were cheers from the proAgreement benches, with Ulster Unionists waving their Order Papers.
Now Sarah, 24, is set to ruffle order papers and passions as sexy researcher Candy Aloha in a new political soap set in the House of Commons.
Conservative MPs waved their order papers aloft, as Labour and Liberal Democrat backbenchers cheered and clapped.