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Schevill W and Watkins W (1966) Sound structure and directionality in orcinus (killer whale).
Interacoes com a pesca de espinhel e informacoes sobre a dieta alimentar de orca, Orcinus arca Linnaeus 1758 (Cetacea, Delphinidae), no sul do Brasil.
Mots cles : baleine boreale; Balaena mysticetus\ collision avec des navires; ocean Arctique; mer de Bering; emmelement dans les filets; emmelement dans les engins de peche commerciale; Orcinus orca; tentatives de predation par les epaulards; blessures infligees par des helices; cicatrices; chasse a la baleine chez les Autochtones
Ongoing population-level impacts on killer whales Orcinus orca following the 'Exxon Valdez' oil spill in Prince William Sound, Alaska.
Palavras-chave: Megaptera novaeangliae, Balaenoptera physalus, Balaenoptera bonaerensis, Orcinus orca, Steno bredanensis, Tursiops truncatus, cordilheira submarina, Brasil.
2000: Killer whales: the natural history and genealogy of Orcinus orca in British Columbia and Washington.
Deborah Giles: Currently, all killer whales worldwide are classified as a single species, Orcinus orca; however, this will likely change as we now understand that there are very distinct populations of killer whales in different parts of the world that are genetically, morphologically, and culturally distinct from any other group of killer whales on the planet.
Cuvier, Delfin gris, delfin de Risso 1812) 490 Lagenorhynchus obscurus (Gray, Delfin obscuro 1828) 491 Lissodelphis peronii Delfin de peron, delfin liso (Lacepede, 1804) austral 492 Orcinus orca (Linnaeus, 1758) Orca verdadera, tonina 493 Peponocephala electra (Gray, Delfin cabeza de melon 1846) 494 Pseudorca crassidens (Owen, Falsa orca comun, orca falsa 1846) 495 Sotalia fluviatilis (Gervais Bufeo gris, bufeo negro y Deville, 1853) 496 Stenella attenuata (Gray, Delfin con brida, delfin manchado 1846) pantropical 497 Stenella coeruleoalba (Meyen, Delfin rayado, delfin listado 1833) 498 Stenella longirostris (Gray, Delfin hilandero, delfin tornillo 1828) 499 Steno bredanensis (G.
Following on from the late December 2007 sighting of killer whales Orcinus orca near Ra's al-Khaimah (Tribulus 17: 103) a further sighting was made close to Abu Dhabi on 30th May 2008.
High PCB concentrations in free-ranging Pacific killer whales, Orcinus orca: effects of age, sex and dietary preference.
Orcinus orca and the other toothed whales hear aggressively.
In California's Monterey Bay last spring, Pusser snapped a photo of a killer whale, or Orcinus orca (OR-sin-uhs OR-kuh), gliding along next to the intestines from its recent kill--a gray-whale calf (young).
Both kinds of killer whales belong to the same species, Orcinus orca, but they have remained apart long enough to have begun diverging physically.
Male elephant seals forage along the coast on possibly richer prey than females but at the risk of predation by killer whales, Orcinus orca, or white sharks, Carcharodon carcharias.
Estos animales han sido clasificados como cetaceos odontocetos y su nombre cientifico es Orcinus orca.