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a musical organization consisting of a group of instrumentalists including string players

seating on the main floor in a theater

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We know that orchestral music making helps with their confidence, well being and education, as well as giving the children and their families a real sense of achievement and pride.
The gala will feature some of the most inspiring orchestral music ever written: Mendelssohn's mighty Hebrides Overture , Brahms's virtuosic Violin Concerto in D a nd one of the most popular orchestral classics, Tchaikovsky's Symphony No.
But it may well change your perception of orchestral music.
John Wilson wears his strongest suit when championing film and orchestral music from the last century, and his affinity with this was plain to see and hear.
OTO-EHON provides a professional narration, illustrated stories, and orchestral music to all users.
Marianne Butijn's presentation outlined the role of the music library as an active partner of the orchestra in planning and preparing performances, remarking how the term "archive" is employed to describe both archives and orchestral music libraries, in spite of the big differences regarding both the professional training and the actual tasks of the music librarian, the collections stored in the library, and their dynamic use, which generates continuous changes in the collected materials.
IN the 19th and early 20th centuries, when the great town hall organs were being built, the art of transcription became popular as a way for orchestral music to be heard in places where there were no orchestras.
The Kyrgyz National Conservatory will hold a final concert within the orchestral music week in Bishkek on April 26, said initiator of the event Raykan Karagulova Ayzenhut during the press conference in AKIpress today.
The Classic FM Hall of Fame list also features a strong showing for orchestral music used in video games, with two entries in the top 20.
This was the heyday for the sort of well-crafted orchestral music now largely banished from the concert hall.
Sinfonia Cymru was founded in 1996 with a mission to support young musicians at the start of their professional careers and to tour exceptional chamber orchestral music across Wales.
The wonderful orchestral music, cavalry displays and cannon fire will come together to create a truly unique event culminating in an amazing fireworks display.
The wonderful orchestral music, cavalry displays and cannon fire come together to create a truly unique event culminating in an amazing fireworks display.
Tchaikovsky's chamber music does not usually receive the same critical acclaim as his orchestral music, but his first string quartet (op.
Anne Curtis, from the Welsh Sinfonia, said: "We hope we will be able to make a return visit, and that we have been able, in a small way, to bridge the gap between what people sometimes think about classical orchestral music, and what it actually can be.