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Which orchestral instrument is commonly used to play the note by which the other players tune their instruments?
Students can enter to perform on any orchestral instrument, including piano.
I had always thought of the harp as an orchestral instrument, something else in the musical palette but not as a major solo instrument.
The competition is open to all under the age of 18, playing any recognised orchestral instrument including the piano, or any voice type.
We're holding an open day for all abilities so anyone who played an orchestral instrument when they were younger and fancies picking it up again can have a go in relaxed surroundings.
Any student age 8-18 with at least two years of private study on an orchestral instrument may audition for the LAYO.
Which orchestral instrument has 47 strings as Sheridan Smith - see Question 9 Bruno in a world heavyweight title fight?
Music and the Deaf have joined forces with the music school to give orchestral instrument lessons to deaf children.
Electronic assistance enabled the excellent bass-player Dan Berglund to make his orchestral instrument sound like a bass guitar and, by expert use of his bow, to play beautiful cello-like melodies across a bedrock of complex rhythms.
Which orchestral instrument closely resembles the glockenspiel?
David said: " Anyone who can play an orchestral instrument is welcome as the day schools are a means of practising and refiningexisting skills.
Not only that, but when the orchestra she plays with - the Colne Valley Festival Strings - made it to the finals of the Festival of Music for Youth two years ago Firstborn was so consumed with sibling envy (the event was held in London) that he decided he too would master an orchestral instrument.
Membership of the orchestra will be open to young musicians aged 14-21 from across the West and East Midlands who have achieved at least Grade 8 standard on an orchestral instrument.
Applicants must be under 18 on September 1, 2001, and must play an orchestral instrument to level Grade 8 (honours).