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the way of administering a business

the direction of an orchestra or choir

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He mentions fifteen band directors who by the end of the century had achieved a mythical aura similar to orchestral conductors such as Toscanini, the most important being Alessandro Vessella, head of the Municipal Band of Rome (1885-1925).
South Korean orchestral conductor Chung Myung-Whun returned last week from a trip to North Korea aimed at promoting cultural exchanges and improving relations.
Instead, the orchestral conductor takes form as the performance unfolds: "For all intents and purposes, a conductor is now leading the orchestra, although the performance has created the conductor--the self--not the other way round.
It's easy to see why, then, Steven Gerrard said in an interview published earlier this week in FourFourTwo Magazine that he was "devastated" Alonso, who could set the tempo in a game like an orchestral conductor, was no longer one of his trusted team-mates.
Every orchestral conductor ought to be able to work with a choir, or the human voice, at least to some extent, and vice versa.
The Ellesmere Port''s capable young production team - director, choreographer and orchestral conductor - have successfully engaged the enthusiasm of a talented stage and pit ensemble to provide a pace-driven scenario, with plenty of dark humour.
Orchestral conductor Owain Arwel Hughes gets a CBE, while concert pianist and conductor Howard Shelley is awarded an OBE.
Kudo was dressed up as an orchestral conductor, playing his piano as if he were Barry Manilow with a bad case of the shakes.
During the first set, Celia's surviving spouse (Pedro Knight, aka Cabecita de Algodon) felt motivated to climb on the stage, allegedly for the first time since her demise, to function as orchestral conductor.
Standing before a kind of floating computer screen, Cruise performs like a flamboyant orchestral conductor as he co-ordinates endless strange gizmos which help yield geographical clues to the killer-in-waiting.
I walked through that door to several years of, multifaceted and fascinating experiences as a choral, operatic and orchestral conductor.
3 Which show, in which punk singer Chris Sweeney trained as an orchestral conductor, won the Golden Rose of Montreux in 2003?
Its faculty attracts many celebrated scholars and artists, foremost among them Botstein himself, who when not consumed with his work as a president or a scholar has traveled the world as an orchestral conductor.
And for most of that time, George Vass has been a huge presence, originally for three years as orchestral conductor, and since then 21 years as artistic director - and, of course, still conducting.
Leading orchestral conductor Sir Edward Downes, 85, and his 74-year-old wife Joan died at the clinic five months later.