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La especie de invertebrado predominante en la playa Santo Domingo fue el anfipodo semiterrestre Orchestia sp.
Cell lineage of the midline cells in the amphipod crustacean Orchestia cavimana (Crustacea, Malawstraca) during formation and separation of the germ band.
Cleavage, gastrulation, and germ disc formation of the amphipod Orchestia cavimana (Crustacea, Malacostraca, Peracarida).
External morphology of limb development in the amphipod Orchestia cavimana (Crustacea, Malacostraca.
Fine determination of the molt cycle stages in Orchestia cavimana Heller (Crustacea: Amphipoda).
Carbonic anhydrase activity in a calcium mobilizing epithelium of the crustacean Orchestia cavimana during molting.
Calcium turnover through a mineralizing-demineralizing epithelium in the terrestrial crustacean Orchestia during molting.
Note on the cuticular morphology in the terrestrial amphipod Orchestia sp.
To address some of the above questions, our study investigated the growth tales of the salt marsh amphipod Orchestia grillus, one of the most abundant and best-studied detritivores at our study site (4), feeding on four species of marsh grass.
0001), and Orchestia mortality rates were significantly correlated with phenolic concentrations ([R.
The terrestrial crustacean Orchestia cavimana stores calcium originating mainly from its old cuticle in diverticula of the midgut (11).
A previous Debye-Scherrer X-ray diffraction experiment performed by Graf (18) led to the conclusion that the concretions in Orchestia are probably poorly crystallized calcite.
To evaluate the effect of plant cover on predation rate, we tethered amphipods, Orchestia grillus, to thin-diameter line and deployed 5 per site at most sites for 24 h before clipping.
The amphipod Orchestia grillus, leafhoppers (Order Homoptera), and the isopod Philoscia vittata were the most common invertebrates encountered in the marsh.
Etude comparee du developpement post-embryonnaire de l'appreil genital et de la glande androgene chez Orchestia gammarella et Orchestia mediteranea (Crustaces Amphipodes).