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the point at which an orbit crosses the ecliptic plane going north

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Time Evolution of the Orbital Nodes. In Figure 2 we can see that the mean longitude of the ascending node, [OMEGA], changes slowly its value from about 77[degrees] 5000 yr ago to 349[degrees] 1000 yr in the future, that is, changing its value with velocity of about -52.8"/yr.
Figure 3 presents value of orbital elements and position of the orbital nodes, of 1201 VAs of the asteroid (101955) Bennu after 5000 yr backwards evolution (triangles) and 1000 yr in the future (crosses).
Moreover, we computed time evolution of the mean orbital elements and the position of the orbital nodes of Bennu 5000 yr in the backwards and 1000 yr in the future using the Yarkovsky effects.