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The Biology of Orbignya martiana (Palmae): A Tropical Dry Forest Dominant in Brazil, PhD dissertation, University of Florida.
Pollination biology of Orbignya spectabilis, a monoecious Amazonia palm.
2010) Palm kernel oil -- -- -- (Elais guineensis) Palm oil, bulk -- -- -- (Elais guineensis) Coconut oil -- -- -- fractionated (Cocos nucifera) Babassu/Babacu oil -- -- 166 (c) (Attalea speciosa as Orbignya oleifera) Tucuma seed 7.
INCI name: Orbignya speciosa kernel oil (and) Astrocaryum murumuru seed butter
Attalea (Scheelea) Attalea (Scheelea) Attalea Attalea As Scheelea; elevation too high for an Attalea Attalea As Orbignya Attalea Scheelea Attalea Attalea Attalea Bactris barronis L.
INCI name: Passiflora edulis seed oil, (and) oriza sativa rice bran oil, (and) Euterpe oleracea pulp oil (and) Orbignya oleifera seed oil