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The Biology of Orbignya martiana (Palmae): A Tropical Dry Forest Dominant in Brazil, PhD dissertation, University of Florida.
9 g/kg of ether extract [EE] in the total diet); ii) with palm oil (PO) derived from the palmaceae plant Orbignya oleifera, which has a lipid profile rich in medium-chain fatty acids (lauristic and myristic); iii) with linseed oil (LO); iv) with PF, Lactoplus-Dalquim group, Itajai, Santa Catarina, Brazil; and v) with soybeans grains (SG).
A farinha de babacu e um residuo da utilizacao do fruto da palmeira Orbignya speciosa (Mart.
Pollination biology of Orbignya spectabilis, a monoecious Amazonia palm.
In the five genera concept, this should be the correct name of the babacu, although Barbosa Rodrigues made the combination Orbignya speciosa based on the older nomen confusum.
As a matter or fact, when attempting to identify a species of this group of palms, the distinction of four entities corresponding to the genera Attalea, Scheelea, Orbignya and Maximiliana, as it was adopted in Genera Palmarum (Uhl and Dransfield, 1987), remains the easiest way to proceed.
luetzelburgii, has mixed characters of Orbignya and Scheelea and some unique characteristics which led at one time to place it in a separate genus, Parascheelea (Dugand, 1940).
O coco do babacu e o fruto da palmeira Orbignya spp tipica das regioes norte, nordeste e CentroOeste do Brasil sendo amplamente utilizado para producao do oleo, merecendo maior destaque a regiao Nordeste que detem, atualmente, a maior producao de amendoas e a maior area ocupada com cocais (SOLER et al.
2010) Palm kernel oil -- -- -- (Elais guineensis) Palm oil, bulk -- -- -- (Elais guineensis) Coconut oil -- -- -- fractionated (Cocos nucifera) Babassu/Babacu oil -- -- 166 (c) (Attalea speciosa as Orbignya oleifera) Tucuma seed 7.
Attalea (Scheelea) Attalea (Scheelea) Attalea Attalea As Scheelea; elevation too high for an Attalea Attalea As Orbignya Attalea Scheelea Attalea Attalea Attalea Bactris barronis L.
INCI name: Orbignya speciosa kernel oil (and) Astrocaryum murumuru seed butter
INCI name: Passiflora edulis seed oil, (and) oriza sativa rice bran oil, (and) Euterpe oleracea pulp oil (and) Orbignya oleifera seed oil
Comments: Orbignya MEA is a natural ingredient that delivers thickening, lipid restoring and foam stabilizing properties typical of the fatty acid alkanolamides.