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a terrorist group of Protestants who oppose any political settlement with Irish nationalists

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The three-year MoU primarily revolves around a collaborative internship agreement, which includes up to three HBKU students per year partaking in a three- to six-month placement with Orange Business Services in France, as well as other placements with relevant affiliates within the larger Orange group.
Leveraging its deep expertise in broadband internet technology, Sofrecom, part of the Orange Group, will partner to help ITC in the planning and design of the new FTTx network as well to supervise the implementation supervision covering 640,000 households.
Following the recent launch of operations in Liberia and Burkina Faso, Sierra Leone becomes the 21st country in Africa and the Middle East to join the Orange group.
global capabilities and experience of the Orange Group to the Kingdom, to help
Although it is for the president of the Orange group to determine the commercial strategy of the company, France is firmly opposed to a boycott of Israel," Laurent Fabius said in a statement.
While it is up to the President of the Orange Group to define the commercial strategy of his company, France is firmly opposed to a boycott of Israel," the Foreign Minister said Friday.
Orange Group focuses on hydro, biomass, wind and solar energy and has an operating portfolio of 60mW of wind power projects in Rajasthan and is currently developing a further 150mw of wind power projects in Madhya Pradesh.
In addition, the Orange group and BPI, holding 8% and 3.
Alain Maloberti, VP network architecture and design, Orange Group, said: With this new infrastructure, we can continue to increase the quality of services and extend the footprint of our operations in the region.
lt;p>The Orange Group plans to roll out more than 1,000 wholly solar-powered base stations in Africa by the end of 2009, the statement says.
Orange Group intends to have more than 1,000 wholly solar-powered base stations in its African operations by the end of 2009.
France Telecom's mobile phone subsidiary Orange yesterday named Sanjiv Ahuja as chief operating officer of the Orange Group, effective immediately.
Pete Ford, head of device strategy and category development for the Orange group, said: "We chose Handango AMPP because it's a proven platform with three years of commercial deployment.
France Telecom plans to propose the transfer of its stake in Mobinil to the Orange group.
The orange group is Eric Karros ($200), Kirk Gibson and Orel Hershiser.