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large long-armed ape of Borneo and Sumatra having arboreal habits

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The Borneo Discovery (from pounds 330,departing daily throughout 2005), is a four-day tour takes you right to the heart of the remote Sarawak jungle, the perfect place to spot the Orang Utan.
But where, in those well-trodden fleshpots, can you ogle a free-swinging orang utan within tickling range?
Once self-reliant, they will join other orphans at the Orang Utan Centre at Sepilok to be released back into the wild.
Bornean orang utan Sprout, who celebrates her fourth birthday on Monday, stays n snug thanks to bedding supplied by Wood Wool UK, and The DZG meerkat mob with some of their enrichment goodies
She added: "Young orang utans may lose their mothers to vigilante crop farmers or often they will fall victim to the illegal, black-market pet trade.
Julie Woolley (left) and Rachel Sellers with Aidy Jamali and Elis Tambolin; below, one of the Twycross orang utans.
Primates keeper Nigel Summerfield, said: 'The orang utans have developed a real taste for sprouts - they can't get enough of them.
He added: 'The orang utans have a daily diet of mixed fruit and vegetables but they certainly like their sprouts.
The septet's gig raised nearly pounds 700 for orang utans.