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a dentist qualified to perform surgical procedures

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In our patient, the dental pathology had no bearing on the patients sinus symptoms, and she received continued care by her oral surgeon.
com/dentist-hiv-risk-dr-stephen-steins-colorado-patients-may-have-been-exposed-state-urges-tests-723602) 2012 , a fellow oral surgeon Dr.
The team typically includes the craniofacial surgeon, who will typically coordinate overall care with the other team members, and an otolaryngologist (ear, nose and throat doctor), orthodontist, dentist, oral surgeon, speech pathologist, nutritionist, nurse and social worker.
Harbinder Lally, prosecuting at Birmingham Crown Court, said it came to light in July this year that prescriptions were being filled in on behalf of the consultant oral surgeon by others in relation to a pain-killing drug.
Maxine knows that if she were to have treatment of any kind, in the office of a dentist, an oral surgeon, or in a medical office, she would want the staff to take the same careful precautions on her behalf.
The oral surgeon did a biopsy and told me it was lichenoid mucositis.
The appeals court affirmed, finding that the inmate's allegations that the dentist was not qualified as an oral surgeon did not rise to the level of deliberate indifference.
A recent inductee to the exclusive New York Friar's club, Etufugh realizes that her accomplishments aren't typical of an oral surgeon, especially one of her caliber, who is also certified to perform facial surgery.
The oral surgeon expertly put him to sleep to do the work.
Next, an oral surgeon implanted eight titanium metal posts into the newly added bone.
Consultant oral surgeon Professor Jan Rood told the General Dental Council in London that Hallgeir Pederson had done just four general anaesthetic extractions before Darren's tragic op at Edinburgh's Peffermill Clinic.
During March-August 1993, three Wisconsin women treated by the same oral surgeon developed methemoglobinemia after being injected with a prilocaine-based local anesthetic.
HemCon is partnering with the leading dental distributors, including Patterson Dental and Sullivan-Schein, which enables HemCon to reach virtually every oral surgeon, general dentist, endodontist and periodontist in America.
An oral surgeon performed a transoral biopsy, the results of which were reported as consistent with a pleomorphic adenoma.
When he presented early that morning Major Kimberly Perkins, our oral surgeon, took a panograph and discovered the incredible truth.