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an outstanding and ingenious work

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a great work of art or literature

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The three-volume opus magnum of Heinz Bechert originally appeared between 1966 and 1973, and even after more than three decades still stands as an unrivalled mine of detailed information on the subject, not superseded by any other work written subsequently.
Amazingly priced at just under US $150, this fully illustrated opus magnum (4400 photographs and 175 line drawings) probably offers the best value for money than any of its counterparts and shouldn't cause an account manager's eyebrow to rise.
Of course Dante never referred to his opus magnum, at least within the context of the Christian epic itself, as "divine," leaving that task to an Italian editor who added the epithet in 1555.
Less experienced readers are likely first to be puzzled and then to be daunted if they ever get as far as looking into the opus magnum. The inclusion of Gadamer's introduction to Heidegger's Ursprung des Kunstwerkes might have helped here.
It's a pleasure to see both of these works achieve the maturity of an opus magnum. Anne's contributions to midwifery education are of unique value and have an integrity of being women-centered and midwifery-centered which places them on the healing edge of women's consciousness and the midwifery movement.
It is Fahmy's opus magnum, a celebratory work of 40 years in the business.
Paper, 288 pp.--As its title indicates, this book aims at offering an exhaustive interpretation of Sein und Zeit, by providing an almost section to section analysis of the 1927 opus magnum. The author's purpose, however, is neither to propose a mere summary of Heidegger's main ideas, nor to submit a strictly immanent reading of Sein und Zeit, but rather to unearth the most fundamental phenomenological intuitions of the text, sometimes hidden by the common interpretation of Heideggerian jargon (p.
We recently found unsatisfactory agreement of luteinizing hormone (hLH) results of the hLH Spec assay (Wallac) and Opus Magnum hLH assay (Bering Diagnostics) (Fig.
The remaining chapters describe and critique individual automated immunoassay systems, with chapters on AxSym, Opus Magnum, Vidas, ACS:180 plus, Immulite, aca plus, Immuno 1, Cobas Core, Access, AIA-1200, and AutoDELFIA.