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(computer science) the key on a computer keyboard that is used (in combination with some other key) to type control characters

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Another common reaction of the option key is to feather or float along the LOS, enabling him to cover both the QB and pitchman.
Once the QB comes to the LOS, his option key becomes the defensive tackle on the right side.
By holding down the Option key while resizing a background, SuperEdit will also resize the window accordingly.
iLinc's University Enterprise Licensing Option Key Factor in Selection
Disaster recovery is as simple as holding down the Mac's option key and rebooting from an external drive.
On  the iTunes app on your device, select your device and click 'Restore iPhone' while holing the option key on Mac/ Shift key on Windows PC at the same time.
The Mac thinks of its screen as a desktop; the easiest way to rebuild it is by holding down Command and Option key at startup, hold them down until you are asked if you want to rebuild your desktop, and then click yes.
To take advantage of this Mac-only feature on Mac OS X, simply hold down the Option key while powering-up or restarting the computer.
For Mac users, while in iTunes > hold down alt or option key > click on Check for an update > look for the ISPW and open the file > update.
2 "Jaguar," simply hold down the Option key while powering-up or restarting the computer.
Now hold the Option key (Mac) or Shift key (Windows) and click "Check for Update" button in the Summary panel.
The new ABSplus provides a native file format backup allowing the user to boot straight into an exact copy of their system on Mac OS X by simply plugging their ABSplus unit into the FireWire port, holding down the option key and starting the machine.
Hit Restore button either while using DFU mode or performing simple restore function without pressing SHIFT or Option key.
Drag shapes to the board, tap to rotate them and receive a hint by holding down the option key while tapping a shape.