superior colliculus

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an essential visual center between the retina and the striate cortex

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Brain structures that displayed reactivity to the Arc antibody included the brain stem (LX; Figure 1), the internal cellular layer (ICL) of the olfactory bulb (Figure 1B), the dorsal and ventral regions of the telencephalon (Figure 1B), the periventricular granular zone (PGZ; Figure 1D), the optic tectum (TeO; Figure 1D), the hypothalamus and associated mammillary bodies (Figure 1E), the habenula (Ha; Figure 1F), the periventricular pretectal nucleus (PPv; Figure 1G), and the cerebellum (Figure 1H).
The optic tectum receives visual inputs from the retina and sends motor output to the hind-brain.
Indeed, reinnervation of the optic tectum was found to be significantly increased in the zymosantreated group, indicating that inflammatory stimulation accelerated the regenerative response after optic nerve injury in zebrafish (Figure 2).
Two of the most interesting antibodies localized principally to the cerebellum, while a third antibody reacted with an antigen abundant in the zone of the optic tectum known to receive ingrowing optic fibers.
For midbrain recordings, electrodes were advanced through the optic tectum to the TS.
The long, tail-like axons of nerve cells in the eye's retina plug into the correct sockets in developing animal's optic tectum -- the brain region that coordinates visual stimuli -- by seeking out the lowest concentration of a chemical named "repulsive guiding molecule" (RGM), asserts Friedrich Bonhoeffer of the Max Planck Institute for Developmental Biology in Tubingen, Germany.
The cells examined for this study are radial glia in the optic tectum of albino Xenopus laevis tadpoles at developmental stage 47.
Following third brain ventricle injection of cytomegalovirus (CMV)-green fluorescent protein or CMV-LUC gene constructs, we established that cells in the telencephalon and optic tectum are transfected.