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medical instrument for examining the retina of the eye

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Fig 1 shows a fundus image which is captured using digital camera called opthalmoscope. The second image which is annotated with true retinal area.
The money was handed over to George Eliot Hospital fundraising co-ordinator Jean Whittaker, who said: "The opthalmoscope is a specialist, hand-held instrument that helps in the examination of tiny babies."
Both eyes of workers were examined using a portable Gowllands OP002 Mini Fiston Opthalmoscope (Medscope Quality Diagnostic Medical Equipment, Maidstone, Kent, UK) principally to examine the frontal aspects (cornea, conjunctiva and eyelids) of both eyeballs.
The condition can be quickly and painlessly detected by an ophthalmologist or by other professionals using a tonometer or opthalmoscope.
The money will purchase a retinoscope and opthalmoscope set.
Emerson, we also witness a shift of emphasis from a photography which sought to base itself on rules of composition, on the aesthetics of the image itself, and in particular on the work of John Burnet, whose A Practical Treatise on Painting had first appeared in 1827, to a photography which sought to base itself on the relatively new science of optics, on the experiential physiology of perception, and more particularly on the work of scientists such as Herman Ludwig Ferdinand von Helmholtz (1821-94), the inventor of the opthalmoscope, whose three-volume Handbook of Physiological Optics was published between 1856 and 1867.
If hydrocephalus is suspected, doctors will use an opthalmoscope to examine the eyes and look at the head of the nerve running directly from the eye into the brain.
Even without using an opthalmoscope - which allows examination of the retina - a GP can make a diagnosis by looking at the colouring of your eyes.
Although stereophotographic slides were used, participants in the study could choose at any time to view the slides monocularly (similar to an image obtained with a monocular direct opthalmoscope) or binocularly (similar to an image obtained with an indirect ophthalmoscope).
Additional equipment purchased included an otoscope and opthalmoscope for each nurse and access to new audiometers with tympanometric capabilities.
Tenders are invited for Supply and installation of opthalmoscope retinoscope
He said the money would probably be used to buy a blood pressure monitoring device and an opthalmoscope and auroscope, which are used to measure eyes and ears.