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the branch of medicine concerned with the eye and its diseases

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We thank visiting opthalmologist Sophia Pathai for her corroborating comment.
The service, run by consulant opthalmologist Dr Marie Tsaloumas, has seen a third of its patients report an improvement in their sight after receiving the drug.
Justice Douglas, writing for a unanimous Court, applied rationality review quite deferentially to uphold Oklahoma's law prohibiting opticians from providing eyeglass lenses without a prescription from an opthalmologist or optometrist.
Individuals with MPGN Type II should be evaluated by an opthalmologist for drusen and possible vision complications.
I was also warned that, as laser eye surgery is a medical procedure, there is the potential, albeit small (less than 1%), risk of complications, The optometrist and opthalmologist confirmed the majority are minor and all complications can be managed.
A quiet, modest opthalmologist, young Assad was successor to his dynamic, wily father Hafez, who had consolidated power in his ethnically diverse and politically restive state through personal charisma and political balancing acts.
Responsibility for restoring Phoebe's sight fell to consultant opthalmologist Mr Stephen Kaye.
The nonwoven wipes are opthalmologist, dermatologist and allergy tested, according to the company.
The opthalmologist also asks the patient to return to you for an investigation of possible underlying medical conditions.
Saunders is a skilled opthalmologist, just as Maugham is a popular writer with an immense income: and his idealism, while communicating an aura of pessimism and cosmic futility, actually changes nothing in his conduct.
Trained as an opthalmologist, he has little experience of the oil and gas business and the knowledge he has acquired is from briefings and not based on experience.
Another doctor, an opthalmologist, told me to cut back on running as a possible trigger.
The technology has come a long way since 1887, when the German opthalmologist Adolf Fick made the first contact lenses from glass (ouch
Sixteen years ago, a Texas opthalmologist had an intriguing idea.
Or what about having an osteopath substitute for an opthalmologist in a hospital that didn't have an eye specialist on staff?