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the branch of medicine concerned with the eye and its diseases

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Among the classic clinical findings of JS are hypotonia, ataxia, mental-motor retardation, and respiratory findings such as apnoea/hyperpopnoea, and opthalmological findings as ocular motor apraxia.
CMV treatment strategies (Table II) include systemic as well as local products, the latter for opthalmological indications.
Following the introduction of hepatitis B vaccination, rare serious reactions, such as demyelinating myelitis, demyelinations of the peripheral and central-nervous system, vasculitis, auto-immune diseases, Bell's Palsy, and opthalmological abnormalities, have been described (4-12).
After an opthalmological exam, the veterinarian said there was no vision.
Ilona Graenitz's report emphasises the harmful impact ozone-depleting substances have on the environment and human health (disturbance of the immune system, opthalmological problems, skins cancer, deterioration of terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems).
Paul Price, now an opthalmological surgeon, was a constant visitor.
Laser technology, which realized significant advances through its application to opthalmological surgery that can restore sight, has been field tested by the U.
It is likely that an anencephalic newborn who is not in a coma might not obtain as high a score as a normal newborn because of the cerebral and opthalmological defects.
The other anomalies which may accompany include hallux valgus (50%), opthalmological anomalies (optic atrophy, chorioretinal changes) (40%), mental retardation (30%) and hypertrichosis on the back (20%) (5).