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cost in terms of foregoing alternatives

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Equating the opportunity costs from understocking and overstocking capacity (a condition for minimizing total opportunity cost) results in optimality of the hurdle rate strategy.
In summary, a WTST will not be feasible, it will not accrue, the results will not actually assist in clinical practice, and the real costs plus opportunity costs are too high.
To discover opportunity costs, first consider all of the government resources that are used by the proposed project-land, employee time, facilities, etc.
Next, we broke the results down to examine whether the investor's utility function would account for any differences in the opportunity costs.
The empirical results in Table 1, column 4 show that teenage abortion demand is coincident with the business cycle: increasing during expansions when opportunity costs are higher and decreasing during recessions when opportunity costs are lower.
The correspondence between changes in M2 velocity and in opportunity cost during recent years may represent a return to the roughly stable relationship observed for several decades until 1990 -- albeit at a higher level of velocity.
s (1987) method allows estimation of the opportunity cost of time for those that are at corner solutions, with implications that these opportunity costs of time are much higher than the average wage rate of those in their sample who were employed.
Opportunity costs do not involve actual disbursements, but the loss of income must be considered.
Even small prompts to consider opportunity costs can affect consumers' choices.
This implies opportunity costs are separate from accounting costs.
In addition to dealing with the raw cost of the standard, many executives are expressing concern with the opportunity costs of AS2, which has taken up a great deal of time and energy to implement, leaving less time to focus on their core business.
If we assume that these opportunity costs are zero, the internal rate of return from retraining older displaced workers is about 11 percent.
Fuller retorted that he didn't need to account for opportunity costs, since the bonds are revenue-backed and therefore don't crowd out other meritorious public investment.
taxable growth was ignored in computing opportunity costs.
Even so, given the abnormal velocity behavior during the early 1990s, FOMC members continue to see considerable uncertainty in the relationship of broad money to opportunity costs and nominal income.
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