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United States physicist who directed the project at Los Alamos that developed the first atomic bomb (1904-1967)

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In addition, Oppenheimer has also expanded its research team to support the Industrial Technology coverage effort.
The action brought his career to a humiliating close, and Oppenheimer, until then a hero of American science, lived out his life a broken man.
Oppenheimer charged customers unfair prices in numerous municipal securities transactions and failed to properly supervise municipal securities transactions with its customers.
Under the skillful leadership of Oppenheimer, a brilliant young physicist plucked from obscurity by the Roosevelt administration during the most dangerous months of the war against Germany and Japan, the Manhattan Project provided a stunning example of the power of bringing together the world's biggest brains in pursuit of a winning weapon.
Cole chronicles the life of her friend and mentor Frank Oppenheimer during his transition from newly minted physicist, to atomic-bomb researcher whose career was destroyed by McCarthyism, and then to cattle rancher and teacher.
The evening will also include a panel discussion that will include Dann Cahn, the sitcom's original editor, and Oppenheimer, whose father, Jess Oppenheimer, was producer of the show (as well as a writer with Bob Carroll Jr.
In Germany, "scrap is available, but only at high prices, leading to financing problems," Oppenheimer reported.
OppenheimerFunds (Asia) Limited announced today that Oppenheimer International Bond Fund, a sub-fund of OppenheimerFunds plc and one of 12 OppenheimerFunds International Ltd.
In 1997 Todd Oppenheimer published a widely read Atlantic Monthly article, "The Computer Delusion," that painted a provocative portrait of technology's failure to improve education thus far.
The father of the atomic age, Robert Oppenheimer remains enigmatic to this day.
Asked by Senator McCarthy, "Is there any doubt in your mind that Oppenheimer was a member of the Communist party?
Oppenheimer imported a racially, sexually, economically, and professionally diverse group of non-gallerygoers into the insulated space of the art world.
CIBC Oppenheimer (the Private Client Division of CIBC World Markets) has signed a long-term lease for approximately 22,000 SF at 18 Columbia Turnpike, a brand new three-story 159,550-SF Class A office building located in Florham Park, N.