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United States physicist who directed the project at Los Alamos that developed the first atomic bomb (1904-1967)

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Their accounts span from 1943 until 1966--from two years before the Trinity test (the first detonation of a nuclear weapon) until one year before Oppenheimer's death.
Oppenheimer representatives noted that providing innovative solutions for customers distinguishes them from competitors.
Oppenheimer Europe Ltd is a subsidiary of Oppenheimer Holdings Inc (NYSE: OPY).
Oppenheimer became more famous in death than he was in life.
The session opened with Oppenheimer discussing his decision to become a documentary filmmaker, which came to him in a moment of clarity on a glacier in northern Pakistan.
"Despite red flags suggesting that Oppenheimer's customer's stock sales were not exempt from registration, Oppenheimer nonetheless allowed unregistered sales to occur through its account, failing in its gatekeeper role," Andrew J.
Mr Oppenheimer will attend Wirral's Holocaaust Memorial Day commemoration event at the Floral Pavilion Theatre, New Brighton.
Oppenheimer is quizzical, remote, charismatic and to some extent ruthless, resenting physical intimacy.
The SEC states that Oppenheimer agreed to admit wrongdoing for engaging in two courses of misconduct: aiding and abetting illegal activity by a customer, Gibraltar Global Securities, a brokerage firm in the Bahamas not registered to do business in the U.S., and engaging on behalf of another customer in unregistered sales of billions of shares of penny stocks.
REVIEW Oppenheimer THE SWAN THEATRE, RSC, STRATFORD-UPONAVON THERE are key moments in 20th century history which will forever make your hair stand on end and this depiction of the race to build the atom bomb certainly does just that.
THE FBI feared that atom bomb pioneer Robert Oppenheimer would use a visit to Britain to defect to the Soviet Union, according to British files opened today.
Robert Oppenheimer, the government's top atomic physicist, came under suspicion as a Soviet spy.
So singular a high-wire achievement is "The Act of Killing," Joshua Oppenheimer's blistering 2012 documentary about the Indonesian communist purge of the 1960s, that following it up so shortly with a second film on the subject might seem, on paper, complacent.