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a hardy genus of terrestrial orchids of Europe and northern Africa and western Asia

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Validation of biological collections as a source of phenological data for use in climate change studies: A case study with the orchid Ophrys sphegodes.
Loisel) Greuter and Orchis cazorlensis Lacaita, both listed as CR; Ophrys aveyronensis (J.
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She includes many grasses (mostly unidentified), orchid species in the genus Orchis or Ophrys, well represented among English native wildflowers, and cryptogams.
Yes, that's a wild orchid called Ophrys apifera, otherwise known as the bee orchid.
Chwilio am degeirian y wenynen (Ophrys apifera; Bee orchid) roeddwn i ond er chwilio yn y mannau arferol, doedd dim golwg ohono yn unman.
In vitro germination, protocorm formation and plantlet development of mature versus immature seeds from several Ophrys species (Orchidaceae).
Diolch iddo hefyd am anfon lluniau o degeirian y wenynen (Ophrys apifera; bee orchid) a'r gorfanhadlen (Orobanche; broomrape).